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MAD Dance is Kitty Clark and Ray C. Shaw. Drawing on improvisational and somatic practices, the duo creates immersive environments in which non-linear communication thrives. Their modern/post-modern aesthetic provides an alternative to mainstream movement forms and culminates in works that are deeply intimate, sometimes raw, often beautiful, and always authentic. MAD Dance has been the recipient of an Independent Artist Award and several Creativity Grants from the Maryland State Arts Council as well as a CAN grant from the Frederick Arts Council. Kitty and Ray thrive in collaboration and love the unexpected happenings that transpire when creative minds play together. Whether dancing on stages, in parks, in parking lots, or in art galleries, MAD Dance performs work that is informed by their embodied wisdom.

About the Artist

MAD Dance is Kitty Clark and Ray C. Shaw, based in Maryland’s Washington and Frederick Counties. Drawing on improvisational and somatic practices, the duo manifests deeply intimate work. Whether dancing on the stage, in parks, in parking lots, or in art galleries, they consider dance from the perspective of being experienced,older, and authentic movers. Their work is subtle, intimate, and sensitive, and solidified by undeniable chemistry. Kitty and Ray create immersive environments in which non-linear communication thrives. They provide an alternative to mainstream movement forms with a modern/post-modern aesthetic that is different, sometimes raw, often beautiful, and always authentic. By highlighting the importance of nuance and sensitivity in expression, Kitty and Ray show audiences another way of being, listening, and communicating. Through this demonstration of authenticity in expression, they help all to reclaim their own authenticity. In a world cluttered by computer-generated imagery, photo-shopped images, endless social media feeds, and exaggerated claims of all kinds, Kitty and Ray present an alternative: subtle, real, and authentic movement art.

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Artist's Statement

MAD Dancers Kitty Clark and Ray C. Shaw have been dancing, performing, and choreographing since the 1990s, as independent artists, ensemble members in other groups, and with each other. As MAD they have found an outlet for their ongoing interest in making meaningful movement art. MAD’s mission is to demonstrate authentic expression through the creation and performance of original dance works featuring mature performers and through educational offerings in modern dance, improvisation, and somatic practices. Through performing throughout the region, MAD shares its art with others, inspires people to embark on lifelong creative endeavors, and facilitates embodiment with movement and dance experiences for all types of people. Fundamentally, as artists, MAD Dancers Clark and Shaw aim to provoke thought, instigate change, and reflect authenticity back to their audiences. Their work is rich, encompassing dance, theatre, video, sound score, and spoken word. Thriving in collaboration, Kitty and Ray love the unexpected happenings that transpire when creative minds play together. In 2020, MAD Dance was awarded an Independent Artist Award from the Maryland State Arts Council, and received a Creativity Grant that same year for “Time Travelers Alight,” an outdoor dance project in Hagerstown’s Arts & Entertainment District. Throughout the pandemic, MAD Dance found ways to create and perform, first with "Time Travelers Alight," then "Pond" (their first work with video projection), and "Portal," a collaborative work with poet Neha Misra and composer Cam Millar, which also incorporated video project. With support from the Frederick Arts Council, "Whale Wall" premiered in Fall, 2022, and a 2023 commission from Gallery 115 in Frederick resulted in “Embers,” which was performed as part of Frederick’s annual Fire in Ice event. In 2023, MAD Dance is undertaking "Intentional Terrarium," a month-long visual art installation in which performances will take place over the duration of the exhibit.

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Booking Price: $500-$1,000

Fees for performance, residency, education, and community engagements are variable depending on length and scope of engagement, distance from MAD's home base, and if MAD is sole performer or on a shared bill. The booking price listed above is a starting point.

Kitty Clark,, 301-331-4398
Kitty Clark, an experienced arts administrator and event planner, manages all administrative aspects of MAD Dance performing, touring, and teaching engagements. She is the main point of contact and oversees communications, marketing, contracting, and travel.

Ray Shaw is involved with detailed conversations regarding technical theater considerations.

As a small company of two, MAD Dance’s engagements are typically easily arranged. Kitty speaks with presenters about what they are looking for, what their community is like, what goals they have in mind, and the scope of service (performance only, performance and workshop, extended residency, etc.). Kitty is ready and able to talk through a variety of scenarios with presenters, making suggestions, and helping to find solutions. For example, if a presenter wants a traditional, proscenium style performance, but doesn’t have access to an actual stage, Kitty will find out what kinds of spaces ARE available to figure out what can be created. Or, if a presenter is interested in an original work being created for a group of community members, Kitty will brainstorm with the presenter on what that might look like and the investment of time and resources required to make that idea come to life. MAD is nimble and flexible in its approach to meeting the needs and interests of a presenter or community and approaches touring and teaching engagements with the same kind of creative inquiry that it uses in the development of its performance works: brainstorming, conversation, problem-solving, and creating a structure/scope of service. MAD is more interested in collaborating with presenters than in being rigid in what it will offer.

MAD Dance offers the following:
- Master classes in dance, yoga, improvisation, traditional Chinese medicine, and somatic practices
- Creation of original choreography (commissions) (proscenium, site-specific, indoors, outdoors)
- Set existing repertory on community dancers
- Community engagement experiences (working with specific populations, outdoor movement/creativity excursions, co-creations with community artists)
- Professional development workshops (how to teach, how to create, how to write about your work, goal setting)
- Corporate wellness (meditation, yoga, acupressure, recreational dance)

We are experienced working on traditional stages as well as multipurpose facilities (community centers, YMCAs, schools, studios, atriums). We have existing repertory that can be performed on a traditional proscenium stage, in-the-round, and in non-traditional spaces. We are also experienced improvisors working in a variety of settings and also enjoy crafting unique site-specific works.

Our technical requirements are as follows:

* Flooring: Clean, smooth, safe surface for bare feet and for movements such as rolling and sliding.
Marley floor surface or real wood floor surface preferred. We are unable to perform on concrete or tile
floors. We require that the surface be swept and/or mopped prior to dancing upon and to be specifically
cleared of any dangerous objects such as nails or screws. If the venue is an outdoor space, we request a
level surface and grass/earth clear of any debris.

* Stage Dimensions: Minimum performance space of 15'x20' for our existing repertory. However, we can
create new work for smaller spaces, modify existing repertory for different spaces, and accept site-specific

- Amplification: Playback for recorded audio (digital files).

- Lighting: Basic stage lighting (additional sidelight preferable for dance).

- Technical Support: Personnel to run sound, lights, video (if piece has video) and to ensure that stage is
clean, clear of nails, dirt, etc. A stagehand is helpful if available, but we can accommodate moving our
minimal props.

- Other technical requirements: Video projector for pieces that include video projection; white wall, screen,
or cyc for projecting upon.

- Tech/Dress Rehearsal: We request adequate time and appropriate personnel in the performance venue
to do a tech and dress rehearsal.

- Dressing rooms: We request at least one dressing room and a bathroom near the performance area.

- Front of House: Personnel to manage audience arrival.

We are willing and able to travel statewide for performances, residencies, commissions, and educational bookings. Overnight accommodations are required for engagements further than a 3 hour drive from Frederick, MD. A modest meal is required for engagements longer than 5 hours.