Two hands holding a folded fabric that resembles a flower.
Artesanas of Creative Alliance in Highlandtown A&E District. (Baltimore City)

Opportunities For Nonprofits, Government, and Universities

Explore MSAC grants and opportunities available to non-profit arts organizations and programs, units of government, and colleges/universities in Maryland.

See grant and program guidelines for details about eligibility, application submission, and requirements.

An Arts & Entertainment District designation offers a Maryland county or municipality tax incentives and other tools to encourage activity and investment in specific geographic areas where the arts are part of an economic development strategy. Click here for more information.

The Arts in Education Grant provides matching funds to eligible Maryland-based nonprofit organizations and government entities to support educational engagements led by Teaching Artists on MSAC’s Teaching Artist Roster. Click here for more information.

General Operating Support Creativity Grants strengthen the vitality and sustainability of small organizations to maintain a strong and stable arts infrastructure in Maryland. Click here for more information

Creativity Grants for Projects strengthen the vitality and sustainability of artists and small organizations and provide opportunities to serve the growing needs of relevant arts projects and collaborations within Maryland communities. Click here for more information

Grants for Organizations provide general operating support to nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations, as well as units of government, that produce or present ongoing arts programming that is open to the public. Click here for more information.

Heritage Awards recognize long-term achievement in the traditional arts. Awards are given through Maryland Traditions and annually recognize one recipient in each of three categories: Person/People, Place, and Tradition. Click here for more information.

Professional Development Opportunity Grants encourage and support relevant professional development opportunities for artists and arts organizations throughout Maryland. Click here for more information.

The Public Art Across Maryland program offers Conservation Grants to support the conservation and preservation of existing public artworks in Maryland. Click here for more information.

The Public Art Across Maryland New Artworks Grant offers funding to support the planning, creation, and installation of new local public art projects. Click here for more information.

Special Request Grants support needs of arts organizations and programs that fall outside of the eligibility of MSAC’s established grant programs. Click here for more information.

Inclusion on MSAC's Teaching Artist Roster makes independent artists and organizations eligible for MSAC funding to lead various educational engagements funded through the Arts in Education Grant. Click here for more information.

The Maryland Performing Artist Touring Roster is a list of juried Maryland-based artists who have a demonstrated history of successful, professional touring engagements. Click here for more information.

Available to eligible Maryland nonprofit organizations, the Maryland Touring Grant helps subsidize the presentation costs of any performer on the Maryland Performing Artist Touring Roster. Click here for more information