The MSAC Teaching Artist Roster is a listing of teaching artists whose work have gone through a panel review process. Artists who are approved for the MSAC Teaching Artist Roster are eligible for school and community-based grants through the Arts in Education grant program.

The Teaching Artist Roster application is currently closed. The application will reopen in July 2023. The next deadline application is September 1, 2023.

Click here to view the Teaching Artist Roster.

For Independent Artists:

  • Have established residence in Maryland at least six months prior to the application submission date
  • Have a Maryland based address as their primary residence and continue to be Maryland residents while active on AiE Teaching Artist Roster
  • Be eighteen years of age or older at time of application submission

For Organizations:

Be any of the following:

  • A 501(c)3 with tax-exempt status from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and is incorporated in Maryland
  • A unit of government in Maryland 
  • A college or university based in Maryland 

And, have completed and documented at least one fiscal year of ongoing arts activities by the date of application submission.

The review process for inclusion in the Teaching Artist Roster takes 4-6 months from application submission to notification of acceptance to the roster, depending on when the applicant’s site visit is scheduled. The review process comprises two phases: Online Application and Site Visit.

Please refer to the MSAC Glossary for any words or terms used in the guidelines and/or relevant documents (i.e. educational engagement types.)

Phase 1: Online Application

  • Teaching Artists submit an initial application through our online grant application portal. The Teaching Artist Roster Panel and MSAC staff will review applications.

Phase 2: Site Review

  • After successful completion of Phase 1, applicants receive an electronic notification to schedule a site visit. Applicants may select one educational engagement type they are ready to immediately offer on the roster at a mutually agreeable date, time, and location in Maryland (or remotely, for online programs.) 
  • The site visit will be reviewed by an MSAC Teaching Artist evaluator. Recommendations from the site visit will determine placement on the Roster. The site visit may occur at any time during the year.
  • Teaching Artist applicants needing assistance identifying a site visit location or audience should reach out to the AiE Program Director for technical support.

Recommendations to the roster are subject to the review of the Teaching Artist Roster Panel, Evaluators, and MSAC staff

See the Application Guidelines for detailed information.


Reporting Requirements

Teaching Artists who are approved for an Arts in Education Grant must submit a brief report detailing their use of grant funds at the end of each fiscal year. 

See the Applications Guidelines for detailed information.

Note About Teaching Artists Roster and AiE Grants

The relationship between the Teaching Artist Roster and the Arts in Education Grant is unique. In order to streamline the payment process for independent artists and organizations, MSAC acts as the financial intermediary for the Arts in Education Grant. The site organization (applicant) pays MSAC the amount they normally would pay out of pocket towards artist fees. MSAC then pays the total cost of the site organization’s approved budget for MSAC funding (up to $5,000) directly to the Teaching Artist. With this model, Teaching Artists are the sole recipients of grant monies.