Arts in Education

The Arts in Education (AiE) Program promotes, strengthens, and enhances the arts and arts education in Maryland’s schools and communities.

To accomplish its mission, the AiE Program identifies and provides access to educational arts resources available outside the school system; offers financial and technical support for arts education programs in schools and community settings for the benefit of youth, adults, teachers, and communities; assists in the professional development of Teaching Artists; and stimulates support for integrating the arts as a vital and effective element in the curriculum.

Arts in Education applications are currently closed and will re-open with the official rollout of the Independent Artist Network (IAN), a coordinated artist employment initiative under which each the Arts in Education, Creativity, Public Art Across Maryland, and Touring programs will be housed. The IAN will feature increased funding amounts for the four programs and more robust opportunities for artists to feature their work in an online directory connecting them with employment opportunities. For questions, contact:

In the fall of 2019 and winter 2020, MSAC convened over 60 public constituents to serve as editors to re-envision the Arts in Education Program. Editors ranged from independent teaching artists and representatives from arts organizations and programs, the Maryland Department of Education’s Fine Arts Office, and the Arts Education in Maryland Schools Alliance.

The FY21 program reflects the policy and procedure updates from this editing process. The Arts in Education program embraces continued feedback from constituents throughout the year.

The words of great poets literally come to life in POL, the literary arts program created by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Poetry Foundation. Through MSAC support, students across Maryland are enriched by this national arts education program, which encourages the mastery of great poetry through memorization, performance, and competition. Click here for more information


The Arts in Education Grant provides matching funds to eligible Maryland-based nonprofit organizations and government entities to support educational engagements led by Teaching Artists on MSAC’s Teaching Artist Roster. Read more
The Teaching Artist Roster is currently closed and not accepting new applications. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements concerning this program. Read more