A crowd of people are listening to musicians performing on an outdoor stage.

County Arts Agencies

MSAC’s support of county arts agencies nurtures local arts activities across Maryland.

Maryland's county arts agencies are the designated government offices and non-profit organizations supporting local arts activities in the state’s 24 jurisdictions. MSAC provides funding and technical assistance to help local agencies meet their goals.  

County arts agencies further MSAC’s goals by encouraging and supporting the arts while championing creative expression, diverse programming, and lifelong learning throughout their jurisdictions.

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MSAC supports county arts agencies with the goals of providing:

  • a vital connection with artists, arts organizations, and audiences throughout Maryland; 
  • encouragement of local arts activity of all kinds in Maryland’s diverse communities; and 
  • equitable funding for local arts through processes that are transparent and accessible to all. 

County arts agencies: 

  • provide equitable, accessible financial and technical support to artists, arts organizations, and arts programs within the jurisdiction; 
  • engage with MSAC to strengthen and enhance an inclusive, collegial network of county arts agencies across Maryland, and promoting best practices for local arts agencies;
  • encourage and support arts activity and champion creative expression, diverse programming, and lifelong learning—as well as advocate for the arts in Maryland's counties.


County Arts Development (CAD) grants support Maryland's county arts agencies, extending the service of MSAC. Read more.