grantsville A&E District

Grantsville A&E District

The mission of the Grantsville Arts & Entertainment District is to foster inclusive community involvement, tourism, and revitalization through arts opportunities that attract a diverse community of artists, arts organizations, and other members of the creative workforce to this Appalachian mountain ridge where folklife and tradition are rich.

About this A&E District

Here in Grantsville, Maryland, atop the highest ridges of the Maryland Appalachians, lives a population of hardy, resourceful, and creative people, some new to the area and others with deep roots. The arts have long been a vital component to life here, where winters are harsh and summers are mild, spring is wet and autumn is glorious. Art springs from all directions, often inspired by life in the mountains, somewhat removed from urban places but right along the highway, open to visitors and influences from Washington, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and more, but also a unique spot all its own, with long-lived artisan traditions.

Here in Grantsville, arts flourish. Fabric traditions -- such as quilting, tatting, and crocheting -- thrive. Visual artists are inspired by the natural surroundings of Garrett County, where the Potomac, the Youghiogheny, and the Casselman rivers flow through wildlands and scenic vistas. Sculptors and carvers, writers and actors, dancers and musicians and culinary artists all have a place here in the mountains. Come visit our beautiful district, tour the Spruce Forest Artisan Village, visit Little Crossings, hike along the historic Casselman, attend a concert by Music at Penn Alps, visit our studios and shops. Arts are alive and thriving in the A&E District of Grantsville. Come see for yourself!