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Drum Dr. Dot is a psychologist, clinical social worker, and Healer Through Music. She is a percussionist, vocalist, harmonicist, dancer, singer-songwriter, author, and co-founder of Nyame Nti Cultural Healing Arts Therapy, Inc. (N-CHAT), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that integrates the fields of mental health and the arts to promote healing. She is the creator of Drumetry (drumming and poetry), a term she coined to describe an art form that integrates two of her passions, African drumming and poetry. Drum Dr. Dot moves audiences with powerful Drumetry pieces that are thought-provoking and invite audiences to examine their perceptions. Drumetry themes center around love and self-love, empathy and compassion, cultural pride, freedom, and nature and divinity. With the healing power of the drum as the backdrop, Drumetry pieces take shape and form and give voice to our individual and collective joys, pains, fears, challenges, and hopes. Drum Dr. Dot is a proud member of the Baltimore-based band, Roses n Rust, where she plays djembe, harmonica, and vocals, the original instrument. Drum Dr. Dot also writes original songs that she performs with Roses n Rust. She is known to break out into songs as part of her performance! Drum Dr. Dot is the stage name for Dr. Dorothy Adamson Holley, the author of "Talk Therapy (Alone) is Not Enough" and "Drumetry: Drumming with Poetry." Drum Dr. Dot will soon release her first album as a singer-songwriter. The album is titled, UNBOXED, meaning she cannot be pigeonholed into one genre. The album includes the genres of blues, ballad, pop, rock, and country.

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Booking Price: $500-$1,000

For booking, contact Dr. Dorothy Adamson Holley, aka Drum Dr. Dot:
Email: deahtrng@msn.com
Mobile: 443.413.6830

Public Address (PA) system for Drumetry, if possible

I am available to travel throughout Maryland. Please inquire about travel fees for longer distances.