Hiram Larew

Literary, Poetry

Raising community and classroom awareness about the Power of Poetry to...
* Speak Back to Hunger *
* Explore America's Slave-Holding Past *
* Surprise Us All *

About the Artist

* Highly experienced poet, presenter, workshop leader * Provides engaging presentations and workshops (in-person or virtual) to diverse groups including:                           - civic, cultural, senior, community and religious groups                           - high school and college classrooms                           - US and global conferences  * Offers exceptional, unique facilitation skills on topics such as:                      - poetry as an anti-hunger tool                      - poetry about America's slave holding past                      - the wonder and surprise of poetry                      - the poem that is waiting to be written in everyone  

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Featured Work


Booking Price: < $500

Larew's work is offered on a pro bono basis. If he is asked to travel, he will request reimbursement of travel expenses. If he is asked to involve other poets in a planned event, then he will request an honorarium for them.

A virtual presentation require a Zoom-type platform.

If in-person, a gathering space, chairs and microphone with amplification are requested. Refreshments for attendees are also requested.

Larew is retired. His schedule is flexible, but usually 3-6 months lead time to plan and implement event/program is needed. Travel during winter months may be limited due to weather.

Travel to all parts of Maryland is possible.

Virtual presentations are possible year round. Again, 3-6 months lead time is recommended.

Dr. Paige Eager, Hood College, Frederick, Maryland -- She coordinated Larew's weeklong Woodrow Wilson Visiting Scholars visit to Hood College in 2019. Focus on poetry, food security/hunger and community engagement. eager@hood.edu

Grace Cavalier, Maryland Poet Laureate. Ms. Cavalieri has been an advocate for Larew's poetry
and programs. gracecavalieri@gmail.com

Sistah Joy Alford, Prince George's County Poet Laureate. Sistah Joy is a long-standing supporter of Larew's poetry and programs. poetsistahjoy@aol.com