Saz Ross

Drawing, Literary, Poetry, Visual / Media

Growth is in pen because mistakes are embraced and not erased

About the Artist

Saz's expertise rests in providing creative breakthroughs with visual storytelling workshops and captivating keynotes on how everyone is creative. Most commonly, people are not inclined to view themselves as such, thus building barriers for innovative thinking. In response, Saz provides an impactful skillset for thinking differently by exposing techniques that allows one to feel confident and connected to a purpose that unearths an unstoppable creative edge. 🌿 Saz has been featured on TedEx, Voyage Magazine, Empowering Women in Industry, and on NBC News. After spending 10 plus years in the art classroom, Saz decided to venture out and build a thriving business in illustration and creativity coaching. Along the way, she realized that she could use her artistry to help educators, creatives, and businesses take creative risks and STAND OUT to acquire personal and professional growth. 🌿 Saz uses her whimsical yet powerful artworks as a way to connect people to the concept of getting lost in creativity to be found in the eyes of confidence. She underscores vulnerability as vitality and storytelling as a vehicle for optimum engagement and community building. She helps others surface the power of their creative mindset while providing a skillset to strengthen engagement, story-tell, and take bold risks to think and act outside of the lines!  🌿 Today, Saz travels to educational institutions and businesses around the US to show how growth is all about embracing the pen and throwing away the pencil-all mistakes should be embraced, not erased! Saz allows her participants to explore the world of visual arts with creative writing to design large scale collaborative illustrations, murals, and zines. Saz uses these arts disciplines as a way to show people how to own their marks and story in order to be proud of who they are while seeing power in their purpose. This way, one can impact the world with unwavering confidence and boundless creativity.

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Artist's Statement

My work awakens the whimsical, curious, and playful spirits of our imagination. I want people to feel a sense of freedom and power every time they pick up a pen in my workshop. All participants explore the mediums of pen, ink, watercolor, and marker with inspiration from a personally driven creative writing piece. All work is shared and executed in a collaborative format with an option of the final product being a mural, framed artwork, and/or zine (a self-published work of text and imagery). 

Featured Work


Booking Price: $2,001-$5,000

All booking details will be finalized with a signed contract from my business, Saz Factory Inc. The contract will include a detailed project outline, material and time breakdown in pricing/invoice, schedule, and digital prototype of the final outcome.

Contact Information:
Phone Number: 516-965-6796

Pens (micron and sharpie)
Thin black Ink-India
White roll paper
Colored Medium: marker or watercolor
Computer provided for Saz Ross/facilitator
8/5"X11" lined paper
9" X 12" 90 lb white paper
Clear Adhesive (optional) for collaborative illustration to be adhered to an interior or exterior wall space
A floating frame for artworks to be displayed in an interior space (optional)

Approved Regions:

Baltimore City; Baltimore County; Anne Arundel; Prince George's; Harford; Carroll; Frederick; Montgomery; Howard

Days/Times: Monday-Friday (7am-4pm)

Dana Carr-
Dr. Katherine Broadwater-
Anna Cano Amato-

Arts in Education

Audiences Types: Early Childhood (0-3 years old), Grades Pre-K – 2, Grades 3-5, Middle School (6-8 grade), High School (9-12 grade), Veterans/Military, Creative Aging (Older Adults), People Experiencing Incarceration/Re-entry, People with Disabilities (includes people w/ cognitive, social/emotional, and/or physical disabilities), People from the LGBTQ+ community, People experiencing Homelessness, English Language Learners, Educators