Beyond Covid: A Shift Experience!


Dedicated Staff Members of Emily Sollenberger (The Maryland State Arts Council) and
Carol Foster (The International Association of Blacks in Dance)
Collaboratively Present

WHAT: Beyond Covid: A Shift Experience! 

A 3-day Shift Community Mitigation Workshop in the DMV focusing on emergency preparedness and mitigation through a creative lens. 

WHERE: The University of the District of Columbia, Windows Lounge, floor 4, 4200 Connecticut Ave. NW, Washington, DC


Day 1 - Thursday, February 9, 2023, 5:00 - 9:00pm
Day 2 - Friday, February 10, 2023, 10:00am - 7:00pm
Day 3 - Saturday, February 11, 2023, 9:00am - 1:00pm


Emily Sollenberger (staff at the Maryland State Arts Council) and Carol Foster (staff at The International Association of Blacks in Dance), in collaboration with the Air Collaborative, National Coalition of Arts Preparedness and Emergency Response (NCAPER), and Mellon Foundation, are excited to host a multi-day, hands-on Shift Workshop. This collaborative workshop will bring together the arts sector, emergency management, businesses, and the community to build a stronger, more resilient network around emergency preparedness.  The final outcome is an actionable project to implement on increased emergency planning awareness. 

Held at the University of DC, participants can expect three days of community-focused mitigation work, where Air Certified Facilitators and Crisis Analysis Mitigation Coaches will help small teams learn to use collaboration skills, design thinking, and business planning to create locally implementable projects. It utilizes these tools to help grow networks within communities.

Thousands of people have attended Shift Workshops across the country.  They have proved beneficial in growing creative economies; now, we turn our attention to mitigation and networking efforts.  The workshop will focus on emergency management and mitigation through the lens of creativity! Participants will work together to develop a project(s) that directly impact the community's needs.  In 3 days, a business plan for the projects, steps to implementation, and ways to approach funders will take place.

Who should attend? 

Creative types: artists, musicians, sculptors, writers, dancers, museum administrators, librarians, parks and trails volunteers, craft food and beverage makers, and local restaurant owners. Also, all innovators: business owners, accountants, landscape designers, marketing firms, product designers, game developers, videographers, and graphic designers. And our preparedness folks: emergency responders, public safety administrators, medical professionals, and anyone else working for and of the community who are interested!

With a focus on equity and diversity in this shared space, the facilitators are looking for participants that represent the community. Those at all stages of their careers and demographic backgrounds.  We are committed to the following goals to ensure representation in the room:

  • 50% of the participants represent the global community
  • third, represents the arts sector, including independent artists and teaching artists
  • third, represent the emergency management sector
  • third, represent community members

Stipends & Registration

Additionally, $350.00 stipends will be offered to those interested in attending outside of their regular work and/or may need to cover unexpected expenses to attend this 3-day opportunity. These stipends are limited and will be on a first-come, first-served basis. You can indicate the need for this within the registration form. 

When you register, you are committing to the timeframes previously stated.

Meals, snacks, and breaks will be provided throughout the sessions. The location is fully accessible, but to request and/or notify facilitators of specific needs, please include them in your registration form. 

To register, please complete the form here:

More about Air: The Workshop uses Air Collaborative’s Creative Economy Growth Process that inspires community resilience, local investment, diverse economies, and hope. Air Collaborative is a national creativity-focused economic development nonprofit that provides rural and under-resourced communities with programming that inspires new connections and ignites the creative economy. Creative people expand business skills; businesspeople get more creative; they learn to collaborate, adapt, and thrive together. Learn more at

More about CAM and CAM Facilitators: Crisis Analysis & Mitigation (CAM) Coaching Program is a nationwide network of arts responders trained to coach distressed communities in developing or expanding mitigation efforts using the arts and creativity.  Support comes from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation.

New DMV Air Certified Trainers include Carol Foster and Emily Sollenberger Dobbins, Jarred Small from Ohio, Audra Tignor from Alabama, and folks from the Air Collaborative, who will lead the workshop.

For more information and to register, please visit

Air Collaborative provides rural and under-resourced communities with programming that inspires new connections and ignites the creative economy. Creative people expand their business skills; businesspeople get more creative; they learn to collaborate, adapt, and thrive together.

The National Coalition for Preparedness and Emergency Response (NCAPER)  The Coalition was formed in 2006 in response to the significant losses and devastation suffered by artists and creative economies in the wake of 21st-century disasters. As a voluntary task force of national, regional, state, and local arts organizations, public agencies, and foundations, the Coalition helps ensure that artists, arts/cultural organizations, cultural funders, and arts businesses have the capacity and ability to respond effectively to disasters and emergencies affecting the arts and culture sector. The Coalition also believes the Arts Sector is an essential collaborator in broader societal efforts for preparedness, emergency response, and recovery to ensure the resilience of the general community.