Artist Employment Initiative

The artist employment initiative is an inquiry into the most pressing needs facing Maryland artists today, as well as an intentional, yearlong effort to respond to those needs through the development of responsive programming.

MSAC staff are soliciting feedback from artists through the end of 2021. Beginning in 2022, MSAC will develop a responsive program increasing Maryland artists’ access to employment opportunities across the state.

During a series of five public dialogues hosted by MSAC in September, artists requested that their notes be aggregated and published before any further responses were sought from the public. This document is the result of that request. It is offered with the hope that Maryland artists who did not participate in the September dialogues will read their colleagues’ comments before offering their own responses via a public survey at this link, which will remain open through December 3rd.


In September, MSAC hosted a series of five public dialogues in which artists responded to prompts about MSAC’s artist employment initiative. This survey solicits responses to the same prompts. The required prompts should take about five minutes to complete. The required and optional prompts should take about twenty minutes to complete. Access the survey through December 3rd by clicking here.