Headshot of Councilor Ruby Lopez Harper

Ruby Lopez Harper

Mexican, Mother, Wife, Dancer, Photographer, Poet and Social Justice Warrior. Ruby is the Executive Director of the Craft Emergency Relief Fund (CERF+). Ruby's work has included external equity strategies and field education, leadership development, local arts advancement, and cohort building for the local arts agency field, arts and culture administrators, and arts marketers. Ruby’s background includes experience in supporting individual artists, community development, economic development, cultural tourism, and public art. She draws on a varied background that includes corporate affairs, community relations, volunteerism, employee engagement, marketing and communications, and business administration. She currently works on projects with the Association of Tribal Archives, Libraries, and Museums; is an Adjunct Professor with George Mason University and has consulted with numerous local, state, regional and national organizations on grantmaking, equitable practice, leadership and cohort programming and capacity building initiatives.

She was selected for the 2021 BIPOC Leadership Circle Cohort with Artequity. She was a 2019 Arizona State University Practices for Change Fellow. She was recognized as a 2019 Inspirational Woman (Arts Advocate) by “And I Thought” Women in Literature. She is a steering committee member for the National Coalition on Arts Preparedness and Emergency Response, serves as Chair of the Robert E. Gard Foundation, serves as Advocacy Chair on the board for the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County and serves on the Aha Creative board and WETA Community Advisory Council.