Pique Collective

Multidisciplinary, Multidisciplinary Art, Music / Sound, Performance

About the Artist

Pique Collective is a quintet of modern music makers who strive to bring together local artists, craft brews and eats, and lively concerts of new and recent musical compositions. Our aim is to be more in B'More by providing uncommon experiences in art music. We are your local besties when it comes to discovering innovative music performances. As part of a lively family of modern and post-modern musicians in Baltimore, we love contributing with shows that think outside the bar, but keep great time! Join us for a musical adventure that will stimulate your senses and connect you with the vibrant Baltimore arts community.

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Artist's Statement

We have many facets to "pique" your musical interests - Detach Mode Events (Musical Meditation & Mindfulness), Experimental & Improvisatory Programming, Graphic Scores, Electronic & Multi-Media Integrations, Original Compositions & Arrangements, Premiering New Works by Living Composers, Local Collaborations & Unique Experiences

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Booking Price: $2,001-$5,000

For booking information, please contact info@piquecollective.org

It varies! We can provide a completely acoustic program. For our more electronic or multi-media-heavy programs, we'd need access to power, projectors, and preferably a sound engineer. We do own sound equipment that can be transported if the venue does not have access.