Christopher Bowling

Craft, Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture / Installation, Visual / Media

About the Artist

Christopher Bowling has been creating art for over almost 40 years, focusing on sculpture and drawing. His main media is graphite, colored pencil and fine-tipped markers for drawing and metal, wood and found objects for sculpture. He worked for several years as an elementary school art teacher in Harford County, MD as well as substitute teacher in Seattle, WA. His drawings are mostly of animals, filled with various random objects - recently he is using iconic Baltimore/Maryland landmarks and objects. In his original drawings, the animals represent the wild and free nature that we all desire, and the objects are the mundane things, addictive vices, or minutiae that tend to clutter our lives and tie us down. His Baltimore icon works are meant to showcase the history and beauty of Baltimore/Maryland with a fun twist. The object placement is meant to be whimsical, and almost like a seek-and-find puzzle. He has been selling his art at local arts events and festivals around Baltimore (including Honfest, Pigtown Festival, Artscape, Spin & Sell, MerryMart, etc.), and was a featured artist in the 2017 American Visionary Art Museum's Bazaart Holiday Art Market. Original framed/mounted work is available, but images are also available on t-shirts (heat transfer & silk-screen), 11 x 17" and 8 x 10" art prints (framed or unframed), and 8.5 x 11" silk-screen/embellished "Electric Penguin" prints.

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Artist's Statement

Be your own weird - inspire yourself to create and be excited in the process. Art is meant to be fun, provocative, and interesting - immerse yourself in the process and pique the curiosity of the onlooker. Challenge the norms, respect the fundamentals, and LOVE what you do!

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