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Public Art

Public Art

Public Art

Worldwide and throughout the centuries, public art has created great public spaces and adorned architecture, instilling meaningful experiences and lasting memories for the viewer - the general public for whom it is created.

Maryland has a rich diversity of public artworks that are free and accessible to the public across the state. From classic to contemporary, in or outdoors, public art transforms spaces to places highlighting the creativity, craft, and innovation of the artist and community in which it is sited.

Maryland Public Art Commission

The MPAC will be meeting Thursday, January 19, 9:00-10:30 am at the MSAC offices.  Proposed agenda.

Public Art Workshop

Check out the Public Art Information Resources and Tools handout.

Check back for future workshops, Calls to Artists and other public art opportunities.


Photos from the June 10 Public Art Workshop at Creative Alliance.

Maryland Public Art Initiative (MPAI)

The Maryland Public Art Initiative (MPAI) sets aside a percentage of capital construction costs for the integration of public art in new or renovated state buildings or sites. State capital projects are identified for public art integration, and MSAC works with the state agency implementing the project to select an artist through a public solicitation Request for Qualifications (RFQ) process.

The artist is selected through an open call jury panel process and brought into the project design phase working collaboratively with the multi-disciplinary team including architects, landscape architects, contractors and project managers.  The artwork is designed, developed and implemented in conjunction with the building project construction schedule.

Public Art Project Grant

Maryland's County Arts Councils and designated Arts & Entertainment Districts are eligible to apply for the MSAC's annual Public Art Project Grant, which supports and encourages the implementation local public art projects throughout the entire state. The Public Art Project Grant provides matching grant support for a single community-based public art project. The project must be permanently installed in a public place and accessible. General operating support is not available through the Public Art Project Grant.


Maryland Commission on Public Art

Chaired by Catherine Leggett (Montgomery County), the Maryland Commission on Public Art (MCPA) oversees the Maryland Public Art Initiative and directs the strategic vision of the Maryland Statewide Public Art program. Meet the Commission

9/11 Memorial of Maryland

The Maryland Commission on Public Art helped steer the concept and fundraising efforts for the 9/11 Memorial of Maryland at the World Trade Center in Baltimore, which honors the Maryland victims of the September 11th attacks and serves as a meaningful place for reflection. Learn more