Lesole's Dance Project

Lesole's Dance Project


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Lesole Zachariah Maine was born in Sebokeng, South Africa. This small township just outside of Johannesburg, rich in diversity, culture, and tradition, was an environment where he recognized his love of dance and appreciation for the many ethnic customs taking place around him. Fluent in more than three languages, Lesole is able to use his heritage to enhance his performances. In 1995, he was awarded a scholarship to study with Johannesburg-based Moving Into Dance Company, where studied Contemporary, Jazz, Afrofusion, Modern, Ballet, Jive, Hip Hop, Traditional, and Modern South African dance. After graduating from the Community Dance Teaching Course, Lesole was offered a position as a dancer and teacher in 1997. He has since traveled around the world (Canada, Corte d' Ivoire, Croatia, France, Holland, Jordan, Lesotho, Malaysia, Nigeria, Portugal, Switzerland and various cities in the United States).
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Montgomery County
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All Grades

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