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Urban Artistry, Inc

Urban Artistry, Inc


Artist Overview

Urban Artistry, Inc., (UA) is an internationally recognized nonprofit organization dedicated to the performance and preservation of art forms inspired by the urban experience. Serving as cultural ambassadors for urban arts communities who are often unsung, we fulfill our mission through effective collaborations that support artists’ past, present, and future. From DJing and emceeing to dancing and and music production, UA engages audiences in a comprehensive urban arts experience, including cultural and historical context as well as innovative art that is relevant today or in the year 5018! Audiences are engaged visually, verbally, aurally, and physically into an exciting and largely unknown narrative about the dynamic urban arts forms that started in local neighborhoods, and are now celebrated around the world. The urban dance styles we specialize in include Breakin’, Popping, Locking, Hip Hop Dance, House Dance, Memphis Jookin’, and Waacking.

Founded by Junious Brickhouse in 2005, UA aims to meet the need for an experienced and researched dance company to be able to travel throughout the area (and abroad) to effectively preserve urban dance culture. As a community of practice, we participate comprehensively in the diverse urban arts communities around the world through performing, teaching, competing, documenting a largely visual and oral culture, as well as conducting and presenting our academic research.

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