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Seth Kibel Kleztet

Seth Kibel Kleztet


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The Seth Kibel Kleztet offers lively and entertaining performances of klezmer music, which is the secular folk music of the Jewish communities of Eastern Europe. It’s also what happened to that traditional music when over 2.5 million Jews travelled across the Atlantic Ocean at the beginning of the 20th century and settled primarily in the New York metropolitan area. There, the sounds of the Old World began to mix with the sounds of the new, including early jazz, dixieland, and tin pan alley. The result is a uniquely American form of music, reflecting the “melting pot” experience of Jewish immigrants. The Kleztet honors the music’s history while offering innovative and exciting new approaches that bring it to life for modern audiences.

Seth Kibel has been researching and performing klezmer music since his days as a student at Cornell University in the late 1990s. He is committed to sharing the genre with audiences of all ages including listeners who are interested in its history and those that are excited to discover it for the first time. His award-winning klezmer band, The Alexandria Kleztet, released four albums and toured both nationally and internationally. He is the winner of 28 Washington Area Music Awards (Wammies), including "Best World Music Instrumentalist" (2003-11) and "Best Jazz Instrumentalist" (2005, 2007-8, 2011-14). He has educated and entertained audiences at venues near and far, including The Kennedy Center, Town Hall in NY, Strathmore Hall, and the Semanas Musicales festival in Chile (2007).

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