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Natasha Mirny & Tia Shearer

Natasha Mirny & Tia Shearer


Artist Overview

We are a theater team founded by stage director and choreographer Natasha Mirny and actor Tia Shearer. Both of us have been in theater for more than 10 years, acting, directing, devising and running our own theater projects in the US, Russia and Europe.

We both believe in a theater that unites, heals and inspires people. In the fall of 2017 we wrote, devised and produced our show "AntiCone" - a contemporary version of the Antigone story told through the language of immersive physical theater, dance, clowning and traffic cones.

AntiCone became an official selection of FringeNYC festival in 2018, and was approved for High School audience at the festival. The show addresses such important question for teenagers as creating boundaries and making choices.

Production of AntiCone is funded in part by Mongomery County Arts and Humanities Council.

As a companion to the performance, we offer a 2 hour workshop on devised theatre centered around objects and imagery. Students are guided through a series of exploratory events in a safe, supportive and adventurous environment, culminating in theatrical “moments” that tell a story in and of themselves (think Flash Fiction), but could also be the springboard to a fuller piece of physical theatre.

In our time together, each student-actor is empowered to be a holistic theatre-maker, starting with instincts and senses to learn everything they can about an assigned object. From there, they share their observations with each other one-on-one, and especially striking phrases are recorded and given back to them as potential text. What emerges is the beginning of a story they would never have found without this marriage of solo sensory work and collaboration…and, more importantly, a new understanding of their potential as storytellers and the world’s potential to hide stories all around us.

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