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The Lovejoy Group

The Lovejoy Group


Artist Overview

Vocalist and bandleader Karen Lovejoy fronts this engaging ensemble, a collective of seven musicians work large or small (trio, quartet etc.). These east coast residents, Maryland and Virginia based, have been thrilling audiences since the late 90s with lively and imaginative renditions of American classics, as well as new and original music.

We specialize in all types of jazz, swing, Latin rhythms, New Orleans, Motown hits, new and old favorites. In addition, we are blues masters. We perform American classics by the greats such as Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and others.

The group has recently developed four new concert formats that have been well received by audiences.

Jazz & Global Rhythms: Made in America with Exotic Roots!

This is a captivating concert presentation that explores the wonderful rhythmic diversity incorporated into jazz. Through music we draw a historical sketch, showing how idioms found in the Caribbean, Central and South America, and even parts of Asia and the Middle East, have been prominent in jazz from the beginning. The audience members will be taken on a musical journey, allowing them to find some part of their own heritage along the way. This program demonstrates that this great American treasure, jazz, with roots in Africa and Europe, is indeed world music – everyone’s music!

Jazz & The Great American Song Book

Jazz came alive in an era of great songwriters. Composers like Irving Berlin, Jerome Kern, Cole Porter, George Gershwin and others, produced a rich and imaginative repertoire for Broadway and motion pictures. Many of these songs became jazz standards, interpreted by extraordinary entertainers – Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Billy Eckstein, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, and more, These performers adapted and added their inimitable imprints to this repertoire, electrifying the jazz world.

The Lovejoy Group has put together a tribute to this time of elegance, glamor and all things refined! This musical presentation highlights this music that so much of the jazz world hinges on. But, “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing,” and this performance does!

A Jazz Tribute to the Beatles

The Beatles, perhaps the most influential band ever recorded, has sustained an unmatched multi-generational popularity for over 50 years through sales of over 600 million records. With imagination and variety their music has crossed stylistic barriers, capturing the attention of music lovers everywhere. Almost anyone who has recorded has performed at least one Beatles tune and jazz artists are no exception. The Lovejoy Group is pleased to offer a jazz tribute to these cultural icons.

Jazz & Dance Concerts

The Lovejoy Group collaborates with the National Hand Dance Association and swing dancers to present an evening of dynamic music and lively dance. We demonstrate that jazz was and is dance music. The evening ends with audiences dancing and seeing jazz from a whole new perspective!

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