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IONA presents polished, educational, high-energy concerts of pan-Celtic music and dance from the 8 European Celtic nations as well as our own New World traditions: Appalachian, Cajun, Canadian, South American.

In existence since 1986, the band has toured internationally and studied the cultures throughout the Celtic lands. With well researched explanations and many opportunities for audience participation, an IONA concert is an entertaining, whirlwind tour of the music, instruments and dance that have informed so many of our own American traditions.

The broad sweep of IONA‘s Celtic experience translates into events that are fun and unique, and particularly in demand during the Holidays and "Celtic month" (March), at art centers, schools, outdoor concerts and festivals.

Complimentary Activities:

IONA‘s workshops and educational programs (for all ages) provide instruction in an overview of the history of Celtic culture from Hallstatt to Appalachia and beyond, and/or explanations of and instruction in the disciplines of individual band members: singing styles of the diverse Celtic languages and vocal technique; flute and/or tin whistle; bodhrán (Celtic drum); fiddle; dance and foot percussion.

Students are encouraged to participate, with or without instruments, and emerge with an understanding of the Celtic cultures that contributes to their sense of history and the origins of their own heritages.  Fees for these programs range from $1,000 to $1,400.

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