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The Honey Dewdrops

The Honey Dewdrops


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Laura Wortman and Kagey Parrish share more than most couples. As the Honey Dewdrops, they share stages from venues to festivals across the world and a lot of songs. With a focus on harmony singing and a musical ensemble that includes clawhammer banjo, mandolin and guitars, Wortman & Parrish’s original compositions tell stories that engage and resonate in a delicately creative way, blurring the line between narrative and prose. The closeness of sound and the musical compatibility that The Honey Dewdrops possess is unmistakable.

Since 2009, Wortman & Parrish have toured full time and released four full-length albums. The latest, Tangled Country, was released May 2015 on Random Records and was featured on NPR as well ranking on the folk dj / roots music report. Acoustic Guitar Magazine describes the set of songs as “a handcrafted sound centered on swarming harmonies and acoustic guitars that churn like a paddlewheel and shimmer like heat waves on the highway.” And like their stage performance, these new songs rock and reel, and then they console you when you come back down.


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