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Dr. Andrei Pidkivka earned Bachelor and Master degrees from Lviv State College and Music Academy in Ukraine. He holds a Doctorate of Music Arts Degree from Michigan State University, USA. His extensive collection of world flutes, from archaic to modern encompass a wealth of knowledge and great possibilities. In Dr. Pidkivka’s twenty five year journey of musical growth his world flutes have found a way into modern symphonic compositions, theatrical performances, ballet, and movie scores. Performances as a soloist and a guest musician include the Columbus Symphony, Phoenix Symphony, Seattle Symphony, Oregon Symphony, Baltimore Symphony, and Pittsburgh Symphony. Andrei Pidkivka has been critically acclaimed as a preeminent performer, teacher, and maker of a variety of folk flutes of his native Ukraine, whose sounds attracted listeners and educational workshops across the United States, Europe, Asia and South America. The Pan-Flute, the Turkish Ney and the Ukrainian Sopilka were used in symphonic performances of the Lord of The Rings, and the Seattle Times wrote, “Andrei Pidkivka owned the spotlight…Close your eyes and you’re in The Shire”. The Washington Post wrote “Andrei Pidkivka … was most winning playing plaintive melodies on the naj, or pan flute, and the tylynka, a long, slender shepherd’s flute with no finger holes”. Dr. Pidkivka presented lectures-workshops and performances at: the Kennedy Center for the Arts, Metropolitan Museum of the Art, The Andy Warhol Museum, Severance Hall, the National Folk Alliance Conference, National Flute Association Conventions in the U.S. He was interviewed by the Voices of America Network for broadcast in Ukraine, and the National Public Radio and TV affiliate of the PBS in Cleveland.

Ukrainian born violinist Solomia Gorokhivska is a soloist and a chamber musician. She holds a Doctorate of Musical Arts Degree at the Catholic University of America in Washington DC. Dr. Gorokhivska brings her passionate virtuoso violin, and her expressive singing to the ensemble. She captures and expresses the personality of each song. She is an International laureate award recipient in classical and folk music performance. Dr. Gorokhivska toured internationally, including Ukraine, Germany, Russia, Poland, Serbia, China and the USA. She earned her Bachelor of Music Degree from Ternopil State College of Music and her Master Degree at Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine. In addition, she received her Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees in Cultural Studies from the National University of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy", Ukraine. From 2006-2010 she was a musicologist, journalist, author, and senior editor for the TV program “Alone With Music” on the National Broadcast Company of Ukraine. Dr. Gorokhivska participates in many classical, jazz, folk, and contemporary music projects around the world, and brings this wealth of experience to collaborate with other professional artists.

Dr. Richard Miller explores the richly expressive sounds of the nylon string guitar (both 7 string and 6 string) with a repertoire that includes Brazilian styles (choro, samba, bossa nova, forró, etc.), American jazz, Latin American styles (salsa, bolero, tangos, etc.), Classical guitar and Eastern-European chango (gypsy) guitar music. He is also active as an educator, composer, and writer/presenter for academic publications and conferences. He earned a Masters in Guitar Performance from Manhattan School of Music and a Ph.D. in music theory from Catholic University of America. He taught at CUA and at Georgetown University for many years and now teaches at Columbia University in New York City. Richard Miller was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to an American father and a Brazilian mother and moved frequently between Brazil, United States and Puerto Rico. He has traveled extensively for concerts and recitals in the United States and Latin America. A review of a recital by Richard at the U. S. State Department affirmed, “Throughout his recital, he not only displayed impeccable technique but communicated his love of this beautiful music.” A review in the Washington City Paper by Joel Siegal of the duo of Richard Miller with Patrick de Santos (voice) stated, “Patrick and Richard strike a remarkable balance between disciplined technique and emotional abandon.”

Dr. Kalin Kirilov, born in Vidin, Bulgaria, began singing and playing the accordion at the age of four. He studied Bulgarian tambura and music theory in Vidin and Pleven and graduated from the Academy of Music and Dance in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in 1998. After coming to the U.S. in 2001, Kalin received a MA in Folklore and a PhD in Music Theory from the University of Oregon. A master of multiple instruments, Kalin has performed extensively in Bulgaria and abroad, recorded with Bulgarian National Radio, and toured the U.S. with the legendary Ivo Papasov and Yuri Yunakov. Currently, Kalin is an Assistant Professor of Music at Towson University in Maryland.

Mr. Branislav Brinarsky - Bass, Fujara, Gajdice, Vocals

Branislav "Brano" Brinarski began his musical studies at age six in his home town of Secovce in Zemplin County in Eastern Slovakia. While at the University in Košice, he began performing with the folk ensembles playing bass, gajdice, dvojacka and singing. He toured throughout Slovakia, Europe and Asia. After receiving his degree at Kosice he moved to the United States in 1998 where he founded the Slovak Folk Band Pajtaši. Recently, Brano has branched out collaborating with other Eastern European bands in the East Coast area. In addition to his folk music endeavors, he also performs with the Bensen-Scott and Jump Start big bands in the New York City area.

Dr. Daniel May was born into a very musical family- both of his parents were music teachers. He plays piano and viola and he holds a Doctorate in Music Composition from Cornell University. For over 20 years, Daniel May worked in Los Angeles as a composer for feature films, television, and, most notably, IMAX films. Career highlights include his score to the award-winning IMAX film "Everest." In his film scores, Daniel has collaborated with George Harrison ("Everest"), Sting ("The Living Sea" and "Dolphins"), Lindsay Buckingham ("Adventures In Wild California') and The Moody Blues ("Journey Into Amazing Caves"). Additionally, Daniel May is a noted jazz pianist and has played and recorded with some of the world's foremost jazz artists. In 2006, Daniel and his family relocated to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he owns and operates Maywood Studios, a state-of-the-art recording studio. Daniel recently composed the musical score for Medieval Times, a live show featured in venues throughout the United States and Canada. Daniel had the privilege of hearing his “Alligator Songs” performed by the Florida Young Artists Orchestra at New York’s Carnegie Hall. Daniel has produced and recorded more than 50 CD projects, most notably for Somerset Entertainment (Toronto, Canada). He is currently the Co-Music Director of the Fairmont Pittsburgh Hotel.

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