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Elikeh is an Afro-pop band founded by the Togolese artist, Serge Massama Dogo. Elikeh uses elements of Togolese rhythms (Agbadja, Kamu) as a foundation for exploration into American-influenced blues, funk, and rock to produce captivating Afro-pop tunes that are as listenable as they are danceable.

Although based in indigenous traditions, Elikeh’s music has no borders, exploring global themes, and personal odysseys.

The sound is very close to Osibisa and Fela Kuti. Massama Dogo was born in Togo and developed his singing and songwriting ability performing with several local bands. He also acted as musical director of the University Orchestra in Togo. 

Known for its high-energy live shows, Elikeh always gets the crowd to dance, as well as sing-a-longs.

"Elikeh always gets the crowd moving with its enthusiastic shows"- The Washington Post

Complimentary Activities:

Drum classes, different rhythms from Togo, and how Elikeh writes songs (with an eight-piece band).  Fees for these programs range from $1,200 to $4,500.



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