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Christine Ferrera

Christine Ferrera


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Christine Ferrera is a Baltimore-based performance artist and comedian. She began her artistic career as a painter and printmaker. However, after completing several series of paintings and artist books, she discovered a tendency toward narrative in her work and delved into time-based media. Inspired by the experimental monologues of Laurie Anderson and the surrealist humor of Andy Kaufman, Ferrera's work explores the intersection of art - with its rigorous pursuit of truth and aesthetic purity - and comedy - with its focus on levity and diversion. In performance, she seeks to uncover the surprising, whimsical and vulnerable aspects of herself in order to connect with audiences through storytelling. Whether in the form of stand-up, video or experimental theatre, her intimate stories begin with a familiar experience but inevitably veer into unpredictable terrain, revealing their emotional core.

Since moving to Baltimore in 2007, Ferrera has created a vivid and idiosyncratic body of multi-media performance. She has been honored to perform at The Contemporary Museum, Center Stage and the Transmodern Performance Festival, among many others. Her work has appeared on NPR’s The Story, WYPR’s The Signal and the podcasts You/Me/Them/Everybody, Digression Sessions and Learn To Take A Joke. In 2013, she was the recipient of a Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artist Award. She was a featured solo performer in the Amsterdam Fringe Festival and her play Stellar Cellar premiered at the Charm City Fringe Festival in 2014. Starbux Diary: My 10-year Journey to Caffeinated Enlightenment, documents Ferrera’s decade-long correspondence with Starbucks Coffee Company. A selection of diary entries, drawings and actuarial tables, this self-published book was included in City Paper’s Top Ten Baltimore Books of 2015 and described as “Hilariously personal.” In 2017, Christine was a featured performer for Wham City Comedy's (Adult Swim/IFC) national tour as well as multiple comedy festivals. She was recently named a GBCA Baker Artist Award finalist and Sondheim Prize Semi-finalist in 2018. She is currently in production on Cats, Criminals & Comedians – an apocryphal history of feminist performance art to debut in 2019. Artist Home County: Baltimore

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