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Bumper Jacksons

Bumper Jacksons


Artist Overview

The Bumper Jacksons are hot and sweet, painting America's story from New Orleans' brothels to Appalachian hollers.

Unafraid to scrap together new sounds from forgotten 78's, the Bumper Jacksons boldly and elegantly balance paying homage to the traditions while fashioning their own unique, DIY style. 

Recognized as the region's "Best Traditional Folk Band" at the 2013 and 2014 Washington Area Music Awards, as well as selected as 2015-2016 Strathmore Artists-in-Residence, the Bumper Jacksons are on a roll.   

Bursting at the seams with some of the richest threads of old America, the Bumper Jacksons bring you into the center of a party where everyone's invited, and the dance floor never sleeps.

Complimentary Activities:

We have provided educational workshops on a variety of subject matters from introductory harmony singing for adults to guest directing middle school jazz bands on classic swing sounds.  Individual members of the band have experience developing curricula for school settings and festival workshops, so we’d be happy to develop something new for the right situation. 

We have also performed special music for community social dances (swing, blues, square, contra, two step) and can teach introductory lessons on these dance forms.  Fees for this programming ranges from $250 to $2,000.

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Baltimore City
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