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Arianna Ross of Story Tapestries

Arianna Ross of Story Tapestries


Artist Overview

Story Tapestries and Arianna Ross create international, dynamic programs that weave the power of dance, music, theater, and spoken word.  Her shows have been for audiences ranging from 50-10,000 people. 

Known for her ability to perform for all ages with equal success, she has solo as well as ensemble performances that are entertaining to large and small sized audiences. Ross is brought into a facility to do full theatrical events as well as outreach.  She custom designs her programs to fit the venue.

For 20 years, Ross has performed across the United States and Asia in festivals, concert halls, colleges, libraries, and schools. She has performed for organizations such as the National Theatre, East TN University, Hillwood Museum, and Washington Performing Arts. Her education work has been presented at locations such as the CETA Professional Learning Series at the Kennedy Center 2014, Johnson City Arts and Education Conference 2014, National Storytelling Conference 2013.

Important Facts:

  • She custom designs her programs.
  • Story Tapestries may be able to help you locate additional funds.
  • She uses elements of music, story, and dance to entertain and educate the community!

Sample Performance Choices:

"The Fastest Plane": Stories and Folktales from the around the world

"Magic of the Sea": Travel with us under the sea to discover the magical world of Marine Biology


  • 1-20 sessions with the artist
  • Possibly culminating in a performance

"Arts-Integrated Story-Telling": Design your residency using writing, visual art, storytelling, music and dance strategies.

"Discovering the Power of the Written Word": Uses Creative Writing and Storytelling to motivate students to become authors.

"Math + Storytelling = Empowered Math Understanding": Explore how quickly you can incorporate the arts into the schools.

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