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Southern Maryland Summit

Southern Maryland Summit



4:00PM - 5:10PM: Collaborator Presentations

Hear from Maryland Citizens for the Arts (MCA), the Fine Arts Office of the Maryland State Department of Education, Arts Education in Maryland Schools (AEMS), Maryland Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts (MdVLA), regional tourism offices, and the Maryland Philanthropy Network for updates and new opportunities for you!


5:15PM - 6:30PM: Content Breakouts and Group Reflection

We want to hear from you – these small breakout groups will be content specific, so this is the perfect opportunity to share, learn, and listen with us. Come with questions and concerns you may have, recent successes, new creative ways you are moving forward, ways MSAC can support you, or anything else that’s on your mind! 

Participants may choose from the following breakout sessions:

  • Grants for Organizations Updates with Dana Parsons

How's it going? During this session, MSAC will share relevant updates for arts organizations as well as hold the space for the communication of future needs. For representatives from arts organizations only.

  • Creative Conversation: Creative Workforce and Entrepreneurship with Emily Sollenberger Dobbins

During this session, MSAC will share updates relevant to independent artists, and facilitate an open conversation about what's working well for you, challenges you're facing, and the opportunity to share among peers.

  • Presenting and Touring Updates with Laura Weiss

During this session, MSAC will share updates to the Maryland Touring Grant and Touring Roster programs, as well as facilitate a brief conversation about future needs from Presenting Organizations and Touring Artists.

  • Folklife Updates with Chad Buterbaugh and Ryan Koons

Traditional artists and organizations curious about starting or developing traditional arts programming may join this breakout group to ask questions and communicate needs to Maryland Traditions staff.

  • Public Art Updates with Liesel Fenner and Ryan Patterson

For artists and organizations, this session will offer ideas and examples of how local organizations can collaborate with artists on the planning and creation of artworks that activate public space. 

  • Teaching Artist Updates with Precious Blake and Cat Frost

MSAC Arts in Education staff will present relevant updates and hold space to listen and learn from Maryland teaching artists. There will also be time for a creative roundup, so participants are encouraged to bring any independent artwork or projects they want to highlight and share!

Note: If you are representing an arts organization and unsure which session to attend, we recommend sending multiple representatives from your organization!


Office Hours

In addition to the afternoon Regional Arts Summit, participants will have the opportunity to connect with specific MSAC staff members and collaborators throughout the day for one-on-one or small group appointments. The appointment hours vary for each program and each date. When you sign up for an appointment, please include a short description to let the staff member know the purpose of the meeting and who you are. We look forward to talking with you!

Tuesday, October 13, 2020 - South Summit: Charles County, Calvert County, St. Mary’s County


Pre-Summit Session

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM: Coffee with Ken

Here’s your chance to get the ear of the Director! Join MSAC’s Executive Director, Ken Skrzesz and your fellow colleagues across the state on Tuesday mornings with your favorite coffee drink (or tea, if you’re like Ken!) for a topic-specific dialogue about the arts in Maryland.

To register for this session, please visit:


3:00 PM - 4:00 PM: Accessibility Feedback with Precious Blake and Cat Frost

This past spring and late summer, MSAC undertook an Accessibility revisions process with over 20 constituents across the state. This session will share our recommendations for implementation and participants will have the opportunity to provide feedback. 

To register for this session, please visit:

MSAC encourages guests to fill out an Accommodation Request form at least two weeks before any MSAC event date. Please use this link to fill out the form:



I work in one county, but live in a county that meets on a different day… How do I know which session to attend?

If you will be representing an arts organization, please attend that county’s session. If you are planning to attend as an independent artist, please attend the session that includes the county where you live.

I’ve never used Google Meet before, how can I learn the basics of this platform before the Regional Arts Summit? 

We have compiled a list of tutorials that will help you feel more comfortable with Google Meet. We will also review some basic features together at the start of the session. Please see below for links to these tutorials:

  • Click here to learn how to view people in the meeting.

  • Click here to learn how to use the chat function of Google Meet.

For more helpful guides, please visit:

How can I join the Regional Arts Summit’s Google Meet session?

Participants who register through Eventbrite will receive email updates and reminders. These emails will include the meeting link URL. On the day of the Regional Arts Summit, you will click that meeting link URL then follow the onscreen prompts to join the meeting. You may also test your video feed and microphone in that space before clicking “Ask to Join” to join the meeting.

If you have additional questions about the 2020 Regional Arts Summits not answered here, please email Lillian Jacobson at