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POL Program Calendar - 2019-2020

POL Program Calendar - 2019-2020

Date Milestone
May 1 - Oct. 1              Open registration period. All participating teachers must register by 5 pm, October 1, 2019 The form must be filled out every single year.
Sept. - Oct. Toolkits sent out to interested teachers/schools.
Oct. - Dec. 15 Classroom prep & school competitions; school winner reporting form and tally sheet for two rounds provided in November
**Dec. 23** Deadline to report first place school winner and second place (backup) and scores to the MSAC by 5 pm, December 23, 2019

THREE (3) poems per competitor must be reported. Per NEA requirements:

  • One must be 25 lines or less
  • One must be pre-20th Century
  • Note: one poem may fulfill both requirements, leaving the second and third choices "free" poems from the approved POLwebsite list.

As we must check the eligibility of the chosen poems, all three poems must be reported on the school winner reporting form or the form will not be accepted and the student disqualified.The form will be provided in November.

Teachers are encouraged to double check the poem choices and their eligibility prior to the school competition. If poems don't meet requirements the student will be disqualified. Teachers needing assistance are welcome to send the names of the poems to POL Director Precious Blake at - again, before they hold their school competition.

We must also receive the scores for all participating students in the school competition--for both of the two rounds, as well as final scores. A tally sheet will be provided in November. 

Note: students should choose the order of the poems carefully. The third poem will only be recited if the student advances to the regional and/or regional and state competitions in the semi-final round. Once the order is chosen at the school level, that decision is final throughout the rest of the competition.

Once the winners are reported, the second place winner may only substitute if the first place winner has an illness or emergency and if the POL Director is given two week's notice. Last minute substitutions cannot be accommodated.

No substitutions are made for the state competitions. Students and teachers should put all competitions, including Nationals, on their calendars and confirm with students (and students with their parents) that they may attend all dates should they advance.

If a student cannot make even just one of these competitions, he/she should not compete.

**Months of JANUARY and FEBRUARY**

Regional competitions held on Saturdays. DATES/LOCATIONS MAY BE FOUND here

*NEW* Regional competitions will be held in both January and February. They are subject to change based on availability of venues and judges. 

The same two poems used at regional competitions will be recited in the same order. The third poem will be recited should the student reach the semi-final round.

REGION ONE:  (TBD) Howard, Harford, Carroll, Baltimore Counties, and Baltimore City

REGION TWO: (TBD) Montgomery, Prince George's, Frederick, Washington, Allegany, and Garrett Counties

REGION THREE: (TBD) Somerset, Calvert, Charles, Anne Arundel, St. Mary's, Dorchester, Queen Anne's, Kent, Cecil, Caroline, Talbot, Wicomico, and Worcester Counties

Note: These county assignments are subject to change, depending on the location of registered schools each year.

Feb. 26 Deadline for completion of regional competitions and names of winners decided for the State Finals.
**March 7**

State Poetry Out Loud Semi-finals and Finals 

Baltimore Center Stage
700 N Calvert St.
Baltimore, MD 21202
1:00 - 3:00 pm

Participants should arrive no later than 12:30 am for a rehearsal, interviews, photos and sound/light check. Judges should arrive no later than 12:00 pm. 

March 16 Deadline for MSAC to report State Winner to NEA. 
March 19 Deadline for Maryland State Champion to register for National Finals. (The MD State Champion will have to register immediately.)
April 27-29 National Poetry Out Loud Finals held in Washington, DC. at Lisner Auditorium.