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Panelist Resources

Joe's Movement Emporium Taratibu Youth Association by Will Webb
Port Tobacoo Players present the drama, Next to Normal. Photograph by Ann Marie Watson.

Panelist Resources


Panelist Applications and Information

The Maryland State Arts Council replies on a wide array of experts and enthusiasts in the arts from across the state of Maryland to serve as panelists for its various grant programs. Panelists are selected with a focus on diversity of experiences and diversity of location. Regardless of your connection to the arts, we encourage you to apply!

Folklife Apprenticeship Grant  - applications due January 22, 2021

Selected panelists are appointed by the Maryland State Arts Council for a one-year term, which may be renewed, for their selected grant program. Panelists will receive a modest honorarium and travel reimbursement for serving. Please note: if you are chosen to serve as an Independent Artist Awards panelist, you are not eligible to apply as an artist to the 2020 Independent Artist Awards.