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County Arts Agencies of Maryland

Pool 2 by Jen Lewin at Light City Baltimore. Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts. Photo: Six Point Pictures.
Juneteenth Celebration in Lexington Park with the Spring Ridge Rhythm Band. St. Mary's County Arts Council. Photo: Nell Elder

County Arts Agencies of Maryland


County Arts Agencies of Maryland Network

County Arts Agencies across Maryland further MSAC’s goals by encouraging and supporting local arts activity while championing creative expression, diverse programming, and lifelong learning throughout their jurisdictions. The County Arts Agencies of Maryland (CAAM) Network consists of the agencies and non-profits designated as official arts agencies by the governments of Mayland’s 24 jurisdictions.


County Arts Development Grant Program

County Arts Development (CAD) grants support CAAM Network members to extend the service of MSAC with the goals of providing:
  • a vital connection with artists, arts organizations, and audiences throughout the State; 
  • encouragement of local arts activity of all disciplines in all of Maryland’s diverse communities; and 
  • equitable funding for the arts on the local level through transparent processes that are accessible to all county constituents. 
FY2022 CAD Panel Meeting Spring 2021 TBD

In fiscal year 2021, MSAC awarded a total of $4,000,000 to County Arts Agencies through CAD grants.


Network Technical Assistance grants

MSAC is pleased to introduce the Network Technical Assistance grant, which will support organizational development for MSAC’s three network-based programs: Arts & Entertainment Districts (A&E), County Arts Development (CAD), and the Folklife Network. The A&E, CAD, and Folklife Network programs raise the profile of Maryland arts through 29 A&E Districts, 24 county arts councils, and 8 regional folklife centers. Network Technical Assistance grants will provide funds to support professional consulting services, board and staff development fees, and other activities allowing these organizations to better serve their communities. Network Technical Assistance grants are between $500 and $2,000 and will be offered on a rolling basis, pending available funding.

For more information on Network Technical Assistance grants, download and read the grant guidelines. For any further questions, contact Director of Grants and Professional Development Dana Parsons at or 410.767.6557.

County Arts Agencies

Howard County Arts Council summer camper proudly displays a completed artwork.

Maryland's local arts agencies extend the reach of MSAC programs and funds. County Arts Agency websites