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Community Arts Development

Pool 2 by Jen Lewin at Light City Baltimore. Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts. Photo: Six Point Pictures.
Juneteenth Celebration in Lexington Park with the Spring Ridge Rhythm Band. St. Mary's County Arts Council. Photo: Nell Elder

Community Arts Development


Ensuring Statewide Access to the Arts: Community Arts Development

Across Maryland, community arts initiatives--from literary gatherings, concerts at local libraries, arts camps, festivals, workshops and more--are quality arts and cultural opportunities in our own backyards.


Community Arts Development (CAD)

The CAD program provides Community Arts Development grants and technical assistance to each of Maryland’s 23 County Arts Councils and Baltimore City, which work with local partners and grantees to ensure that MSAC support impacts the entire state. Funds re-granted by County Arts Councils serve artists, arts organizations, schools and audiences. See past grantees listed here.

The FY20 Community Arts Development Grant Panel will be held at MSAC from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on: 
  • Thursday, May 2, 2019

FY20 CAD Panel Meeting Agenda

In fiscal year 2019, the MSAC awarded a total of $3,259,893 to County Arts Councils through Community Arts Development Grants.


Public Art Project Grant

For FY19 Public Art Project grant information click here.

The Public Art Project Grant is open to County Arts Councils and designated Arts & Entertainment (A&E) Districts to support the implementation of local public art projects across Maryland. Each grant provides matching funds for a single community-based public art project within a county or A&E district. Eligible public art projects include interior or exterior works in spaces that are open to the public. Projects can include but are not limited to: murals; sculpture; functional art, such as benches or bike racks; streetscape improvements, such as sidewalks or plazas; and signage. A wide variety of mediums will be considered, including mixed media.


County Arts Agencies of Maryland (CAAM):

County Arts Agencies of Maryland (CAAM) is a non-profit statewide assembly of arts councils established to foster, promote, and develop skills and articulate the needs of Maryland's diverse arts communities. CAAM works in cooperation with the MSAC and Maryland Citizens for the Arts (MCA) to increase artistic opportunities for Maryland artists, arts organizations and citizens.


All grantees are required to submit a Final Report communicating data required by the National Endowment for the Arts. This required data can be found here. For program specific Report information, please see the corresponding Guidelines.