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May 2016 Newsletter

May 2016 Newsletter


Maryland State Arts Council Receives Record Funding

May 05, 2016News

Demonstrating his continued support for the arts, Governor Larry Hogan signed the 2017 Maryland State Arts Council (MSAC) funding bill into law. The General Assembly approved Senate Bill 377/House Bill 451 allowing Governor Hogan’s proposed budget of $20.3 million to remain intact – an overall increase of $2.7 million over last year’s budget.

“The arts sector is a fundamental part of Maryland’s economy and delivers a $1 billion impact with $49 million generated in state and local revenues,” said Commerce Secretary Mike Gill. “We are fortunate to have First Lady Yumi Hogan as a champion of the arts, and leadership that understands the power of art as a vital part of every citizen’s life while creating exciting cultural opportunities in our communities."

Newsletter: Arts Maryland May 2016

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