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Arts in Communities Grant Deadline Sept 15, 2010

Arts in Communities Grant Deadline Sept 15, 2010


The Arts in Communities Program was created to extend MSAC funding to a broader range of organizations than are presently served, and to better reach underserved audiences.

September 07, 2010News

The program serves two kinds of organizations: 1) those for which Arts in Communities Grants provide an introduction to MSAC grants programs, and/or 2) community organizations planning specific arts events or projects.

Not-for-profit Maryland organizations may apply for support of arts activities that will take place in Maryland. Eligibility is limited to organizations that have not already been awarded MSAC funding for activities taking place in the same fiscal year. An organization may submit only one application per deadline and may receive only one Arts in Communities Grant per fiscal year. Quarterly deadlines apply.

Contact: Shirley Howard, Program Director, 410-767-6542