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GFO FULL Grant Applications

GFO FULL Grant Applications


Overview - Full Applications

MSAC uses a staggered, three-year application cycle to review GFO applications. Every third year, organizations assigned to particular artistic categories are required to submit a FULL application and go through the panel evaluation process. This process is explained in detail in the FY21 GFO Grant Guidelines.

Organizations in the following artistic categories will submit a FULL application for the upcoming FY 2020 grant cycle*:

  • Arts Services
  • Folk and Traditional Arts
  • Large Organizations
  • Multi-Discipline B
  • Theatre A and B

Definitions of all artistic categories are available in the FY21 GFO Grant Guidelines.

*Please note:  There are a number of circumstances in which MSAC may require FULL applications from organizations assigned to the categories above for the upcoming FY 2021 grant cycle.  Returning applicants to the GFO program will receive multiple notifications throughout the grant cycle with instructions and verification regarding the application they should submit.  If you have questions about your application status, contact MSAC.

Guidelines, Templates

Upcoming Application Deadlines

FY 2021 FULL GFO Application Deadline: November 15, 2019.

Grantee Requirements

  • Smart Simple (  MSAC utilizes the internet-based Smart Simple system to accept GFO grant applications electronically. View information about Smart Simple in the FY21 GFO Grant Guidelines.

  • Reports.  Grants for Organizations' Grantees must file interim and final reports, both narrative and financial, by the specified deadlines. Necessary reporting methods will be provided by MSAC in ample time to meet deadlines. Failure to report may jeopardize any future grant being received by the organization and may result in the organization being required to repay grant funds. Log into your Smart Simple account to access the reports.

  • Crediting MSAC. View the Recognition Guidelines for ensuring proper credit to MSAC.