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Emergency Grant

Emergency Grant



  • Arts Organization Eligibility (includes County Arts Agencies and Arts & Entertainment District Management Entities): 
  • Independent Artist Eligibility:

    • Independent Artists are defined as artists who earn income from artistic activities that are not directly affiliated with an arts organization.

      • Independent Artist income is not derived from the creation or execution of artistic work for industry–oriented or industry–related production.

      • Independent Artists are not full-time salaried employees. 

    • Applicants must provide an estimate of any unemployment benefits in the budget submission.  

For complete eligibility requirements, please see the Guidelines linked below.


Applying for a Grant

Grant applications for the second round of Emergency Grant funding will open on July 20 and   are available through Smart Simple

Applications are due by 5:00 PM on August 3, 2020.

Emergency Grant for Arts Organizations Guidelines 

Emergency Grant for Arts Organizations Rubric

Emergency Grant for Independent Artists Guidelines 

Emergency Grant for Independent Artists Rubric 

Emergency Grant Budget Template Independent Artist Application


Contact Information

Dana Parsons Director, Grants and Professional Development Email: