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Artist in Residence Program

Artist in Residence Program

NEW! Schools may collaborate with one or more of the following: arts organizations, artists, and county arts councils, to apply for the new Creativity Project Grant in Arts Education for out of school activities: after school, evenings, weekends, and summer. Rolling deadlines. Details here

The Artist in Residence Program

The MSAC's Artist in Residence (AiR) program provides grants to Maryland schools that cover half the cost of a teaching artist residency in a particular school. Maryland schools are invited to browse the below Artist in Residence Roster to select an MSAC Artist-in-Residence. The school then applies for a grant from the MSAC that covers half the cost of the residency. The artists on this roster specialize in harnessing the arts as tools for learning and are available to lead hands-on, intensive arts workshops in Maryland schools.

No paper copies of the application contained in the guidelines will be accepted. Applications must completed online through eGrant with an electronic signature. Please read thoroughly. Applications that do not meet the requirements will not be accepted.     

School Application Process 

Please closely review the guidelines. Applications must meet the guidelines to be approved.

  • Select an artist from the online Artist-in-Residence Roster
  • Contact artist to discuss the duration of the residency. Determine round trip mileage expenses and calculate a travel budget
  • Complete application and submit draft copy to your selected artist for approval
  • Upon his or her application approval, the artist provides confirmation code
  • Enter this code to complete the eGrant Application
  • Once the application is submitted, generates an email with a PDF attachment of the completed application to the e-mail address that corresponds with “site coordinator” in the school’s profile.
  • If you need to change the “site coordinator,” information on file, sign-in and click “user info” in the white menu bar at the top of the screen to edit that information.
  • Applications must be submitted at least 90 days prior to the requested residency and are reviewed quarterly.

Application to Artist in Residence and Visiting Performer Rosters 

Artists who live in Maryland may apply to the Artist in Residence or Visiting Performer Rosters. The artists on this roster specialize in harnessing the arts as tools for learning and are available to lead hands-on, intensive arts workshops in Maryland schools (Artists in Residence) or assemblies with two workshops (Visiting Performers).

Artists in Residence may apply in performing arts, playwriting, poetry, and visual arts. Visiting Performers may apply in music, dance, puppetry, and theater.

MSAC accepts applications for the rosters every two years.


  • Individual artists who apply to the AiE program must be Maryland residents, eighteen years of age or older, must have established residence in Maryland at least six months prior to the deadline, and must continue to be residents while they serve in the AiE program. Undergraduate/graduate students are not eligible.
  • Performing companies that apply to the AiE program must be located in the State of Maryland and must continue to be located in Maryland while they serve in the AiE program.
  • All AiE artists are subject to ongoing review and evaluation.

Review Criteria

  • Artistic quality
  • Educational value
  • Relevance to curriculum

Review Process



Sixty fourth grade students at Resurrection St. Paul, working with MSAC Artist-in-Residence Kristin Helberg, created a mural that honored scientists and the world of science. Once complete, Ms. Helberg contacted three of the living scientists who are featured on the mural, sending them their related images and telling them of the project. Ms. Helberg asked if they could send a short statement for her to read at the unveiling. 

Two of the scientists responded: Paul Stamets, a mycologist who has become well know for his work with cleaning up toxic waste dumps using fungus, and astronaut Alan Bean, the 4th man to walk on the moon in 1969. Mr. Bean left NASA in 1981 to pursue his career in painting images of being on the moon. He has been a professional artist since 1981. 

Talk about amazing!  What a great project to inspire young (and older) minds....Our generation will be remembered for many achievements, and one of the greatest will be our movement off the earth, from its gravitational pull, to begin our future generations’ exploration of the universe. My paintings record the beginnings of a quest never to end, our journey out amongst the stars. All the best wishes and congratulations, Alan

Truly honored to be on the mural with so many great scientists. And thank you and your students for paying attention. We are all interconnected. When you look at a rotting log, let's re-define what decomposition means - it speaks to renewal, regeneration, giving birth to new generations. We are all part of this dance with nature. Let's be responsible and good partners. Cheers! Paul