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September 2018 Newsletter

September 2018 Newsletter

September 01, 2018

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I never fail to appreciate the unique landscape of Maryland. Within minutes of leaving a major metropolitan area, the bustle is replaced by rolling hills, farmland, or the Chesapeake Bay. This shift of environment allows for a shift of perspective and much of my August was spent on the Eastern Shore where, as a friend once shared with me, "If you stand very still, you can hear the corn growing."

On the way to the Maryland Association of Counties Convention in Ocean City, MSAC Program Director Steven Skerritt-Davis and I joined Secretary Gill and Special Advisor Walker for a walking tour of Berlin's Arts and Entertainment District, starting at the Worcester County Arts Council. Mayor Gee Williams shared the history of the area and an overview of how the creative economy of area artists elevated Berlin to a major tourist destination. The current and planned activities are innovative and enticing. I highly recommend a day or overnight trip when you get the chance. And please stop in to say hello to Anna Mullis, the Worcester County Arts Council Executive Director.