Janice B. & The Healing Flame Collective

Music / Sound, Performance

Janice B. & The Healing Flame Collective combine original music, sound healing, chants, meditation, and reiki energy in a live onstage experience for the listener. From smaller events and healing circles to larger venues and festivals our goal is to bring entertainment, total alignment, and healing to everyone!

About the Artist

Singer songwriter Janice B. & The Healing Flame Collective is a diverse group of artists, musicians, healers, creators, and visionaries.  The group was formed by Janice B. & Maurice Carroll to create a unique live musical healing experience combining original songs, sound healing, meditation, reiki energy, and total alignment for the listener.   With an intriguing combination of musical backgrounds, core members Janice, Maurice, and Mosno Al-Moseeki share a mission of using music to heal, educate, and inspire. Janice B. is an intuitive Reiki Master/Teacher in Usui, Holy Fire, and Kundalini Reiki as well as a Crystal Healer.  Maurice Carroll is an Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher, sound healer, and aura reader. The duo is also a well known a songwriting team with over a decade of experience in the music industry, including releases in the US and overseas.  They are both voting members of the DC Chapter of The Recording Academy.    

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Artist's Statement

As a group, Janice B. and The Healing Flame Collective’s goal is to continue to entertain, enlighten, and inspire people.  By touring together and merging their talents they reach a wider audience and share the healing power of music.     Singer songwriter Janice B. and band members Maurice Carroll and Mosno Al-Moseeki combine soulful lyrics, chants, and world percussion to create a unique musical & healing experience.   This trio from diverse backgrounds has amassed over 20 years as professional musicians and performers in the Maryland area and beyond.  They are active in community programs, fundraisers, and educational events both individually and as a group.  Their song “Freedom” which addressed the issues of human trafficking and forced labor was recognized by the Maryland Human Trafficking Task Force and they were asked to perform it live to open the Maryland Freedom Conference at Towson University in 2015.  They were also featured on Fox 45 Baltimore the same year to discuss the song and the conference.  In 2017 they released the CD “Mantra”, Janice B.’s project which combines chants and mantras with soulful lyrics and a world music feel.  In 2019 they formed The Healing Flame Collective with fellow healers/musicians Jewel Guy, Billie Cox, and Christina Cook  to combine their music with a live healing experience including a guided meditation, energy healing, sound healing, and vibrations.  

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Booking Price: $500-$1,000

We are available to travel anywhere in the Maryland, DC, and Virginia region. Please contact us for details regarding our performance and travel requirements as well as our performance contract: thehealingflamecollective@gmail.com

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