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Crafts & Demonstrations

Crafts & Demonstrations


Crafts and Demonstrations

Lise Lorentzen and Michele Fiore Wimmers

Harford County

Norwegian rosemåling is the highly intricate tradition of decorative wood painting – on everything from boxes to furniture – with unique styles representing certain regions in Norway. Lise Lorentzen grew up in the Norwegian-American community of Staten Island and began rosemåling at a young age; since then, she has won many awards at local and national levels. For the past year, she has been teaching her apprentice, Michele Wimmers, at her home studio in Bel Air.



Wide Angle Youth Media

Baltimore City

Wide Angle Youth Media is a non-profit organization providing Baltimore youth with a chance to tell their own stories and engage with local communities. Join them today for a chance to map your own food traditions.





Coastal Heritage Alliance

Talbot County

From the Eastern Shore, Coastal Heritage Alliance, represented today by Mark Wiest, is dedicated to the preservation and advancement of the cultural heritage of commercial fishing families in North America. Featured will be the restoration of skipjack boats, the traditional oyster dredging fleet of the Chesapeake Bay. 




Globe Poster letterpress printing

Baltimore City

In Baltimore, Globe Poster, which closed its doors in 2010, is now the Globe Collection and Press at MICA. Globe has produced everything from carnival posters to its famous R&B show posters since 1929. 





G. Krug & Son Ironworks

Baltimore City

G. Krug and Son Ironworks is run by 5th generation Krugs, Peter and Stephen. The Krug family aesthetic has adorned the city for more than 190 years, including the practical and ornamental ironwork that graces local landmarks like Baltimore’s Washington Monument.





Rich Smoker, Decoy Carver

Somerset County

In Somerset County, Rich Smoker is a master duck decoy carver who began in the late 1960s and, in 2008, won the Ward World Championship in the Shootin’ Rig category. 





 Painted Screens

Baltimore City

East Baltimore is the home of the living tradition of Painted Screens, which stretches back to 1913 when their inventor, William Oktavec, realized that painting the screens of windows can provide privacy to those living inside the city’s row homes.




Artesanas Mexicanas

Baltimore City

Artesanas Mexicanas  will teach you to make your own piñata! In southeast Baltimore, the Latino community uses piñatas to celebrate Christmas, New Year’s, Children’s Day, and Mother’s Day. 





Cumberland Marbles Team

Allegany County

You will also have the chance to compete in a series of marbles tournaments, guided by expert champions of the Cumberland Marbles Team (Allegany County). Cumberland boasts a city tournament dating back nearly a century, public marbles rings, and a strong presence in regional schools, where the tradition is still taught.



Center for Research in Basketry

Baltimore City

Dr. Kathleen Beauchesne is the President of the Center for Research in Basketry, Inc., which is a non-profit organization dedicated to research on basketry and the lives of basket makers. Her research objective is to reestablish Maryland basketry history and traditions as an art and craft. 



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