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Arts Council Presents Fiscal Year 2014 Annual Report

Arts Council Presents Fiscal Year 2014 Annual Report


Highlights include program achievements and expenditures by county

September 17, 2014Arts Across Maryland

The Maryland State Arts Council (MSAC) today released its fiscal year 2014 Annual Report, a 39 page publication that highlights the agency's statewide achievements and expenditures during the previous fiscal year. Also included in the report are overviews of the Arts Council's core programs: Grants for Organizations (GFO), Community Arts Development (CAD), Arts in Education (AiE), Maryland Folklife, Arts & Entertainment Districts, Maryland Touring and Presenting and Public Art.

"The successful programs and initiatives of the MSAC show us that the arts, when leveraged fully, are a statewide asset that advances our communities, educates our children, inspires our people and grows our economy," writes Governor Martin O'Malley, in his letter to readers on page 2 of the report.

In their joint letter to readers, MSAC Executive Director Theresa Colvin and former Chair Barbara Bershon write, "Under the leadership of Governor O'Malley and the Maryland General Assembly, the MSAC works with partners around the state to leverage the arts for progress. How do we employ the arts as drivers of creative economies and place making? How do we encourage equatable access to the arts statewide, nurture artists and ensure that our students have opportunities to excel creatively?"

In seeking to address those questions, the report points to the strong foundation that the MSAC and its partners have created over time and specifically, strides made in the 2014 fiscal year. These include the launch of a new five-year strategic plan, the publication of the compelling Statewide Survey of the Arts in Maryland, the passage of the Maryland Public Art Initiative and the creation of the new Maryland Folklife Archive at UMBC. Additionally, the launch of the new supported increased awareness around the MSAC's impact and value, and serves the public in a variety of new ways, including an arts events calendar, a statewide artist registry and a sortable list of grantee arts organizations.

Read the Fiscal Year 2014 Annual Report of the Maryland State Arts Council.