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Wynston Edun

Wynston Edun


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Howard County
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Visual Arts

Artist Statement

T. Wynston Edun was born in Nigeria and has a BFA in Sculpture from the University of Benin. His artistic abilities were evident at an early age and he was encouraged by his parents and elementary school teachers to develop his talent. As a pre-teen, Wynston's work was selected for a motif on an UNICEF poster. Wynston Edun had the privilege of learning and working under internationally renowned artist, Larry Poncho Brown, in his Baltimore, MD studio from 1991 to 1994. Wynston's work is displayed in collections in the USA, England and Nigeria. Wynston Edun is a member of the Maryland Federation of Art and has had exhibition opportunities including the Black Heritage Arts Festival in Atlanta, Georgia and commissions for institutions such as the Howard University Gospel Choir in Washington, DC. After an almost 20-year hiatus that included raising a family, personal growth and coming to faith in God through Jesus Christ, Wynston has returned to creating. His art has been accepted into juried exhibitions and is currently available at Art Partners Framing and Arts Gallery in Clarksville, MD.

Artist Bio

Temi Wynston Edun is a contemporary expressionist artist currently living and working in Maryland, USA.

I work in semi-abstraction from sculpture to 2-dimensional media. Inspired by the human condition but not conforming to photorealistic depictions I am interested in the area between reality and subjectivity that enables an expressive and visceral narrative. My work is described as emotional, contemplative and deep.

Though I do not set out to convey a "message' all art intrinsically say something. I am compelled to use cultural references in my work, at a deeper level these are a metaphor for our common humanity as culture is foundational to building identity and art contributes a valuable way to giving expression to culture.