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Von Vargas

Von Vargas


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Baltimore Cease Fire
Music (Hip Hop)
Penned Pola
Red Lips
Music (Hip Hop)
Bet Im Better Introduction
Music (Hip Hop)
Get Up Knights
Find Ya Great (Decerio)

Von Vargas [Metropolis Binocular Snips] #BetImBetter

Von Vargas - Find Ya Great (Decerio) ft. Jocelyn Faro

Von Vargas "Red Lips" Full Video

A Penned Pola - Von Vargas

Von Vargas x BenJamin Banger "GET UP KNIGHTS" ft. Dre Thompson, kiddsavage, from 3220 The Soundtrack

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Baltimore City
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Artist Statement

My practice is music. I’m a hip-hop artist, a multi-genre music producer and a songwriter who advocates for justice through rhyme. I create a significant amount of music that inspires hope and change in people’s lives for the better. I feel the weight and obligation of being a responsible music creator. This just means that although I like to provide great beats, the lyrics are the most important to me; responsible lyrics with substance and value. Whether subtle or blatant, lyrics that have a positive meaning are a huge requirement when creating songs. It’s my desire that my music goes beyond temporary satisfaction and towards something that sticks to the listener, well withstanding the test of time. Music with messages can resonate and transcend generations, and hip-hop happens to be my medium to reach, inspire, teach, and advocate for justice. Musically as a hip-hop artist, many times I project pictures that reflect and mirror struggle, pain, hurt, tragedy, poverty, violence and/or defeat, yet advocates hope, justice, victory, and triumph. My goal whenever discussing social ills through song is to also highlight the solutions to those social ills. I’ve never underestimated the power of my music and I’m very aware that my voice through music can make a difference. Using my music to make a difference in the world is a part of why I was born.

Artist Bio

Von Vargas is an upcoming icon in the music industry. His goal is to help change the poverty mentality by speaking out about the “have not's", overlooked, and those who've been counted out. He intends to raise a standard in music and he is most capable of doing this due to his childhood growing up in the Westside in Baltimore City where he was face to face with crime daily. Although he saw many injustices, he was able to take what he saw and convey them in his music, highlighting solutions to the social injustices that haunt our communities.

 Von is a 2018 Baker Artist Awards Finalist. He has been featured on Hip Hop DX, Fusicology, Jukebox DC, Hip Hop TV Japan, and numerous times in The Baltimore City Paper as well as other media outlets.

Von Vargas is responsible for music marketing ads, hip-hop ads and campaigns for: CBS Sports, American Cancer Society, Changes Enterprises/Dickies Workwear, HBO’s Vice News and more. His music has been aired on numerous Radio One and Clear Channel Stations, ESPN, HGTV, BET, to name a few.

With his latest album, Metropolis Binocular and his passionate effort "Baltimore Cease Fire" theme song (available now on Streaming Platforms), Von's hope is to make a difference through music. With his newest collaborative effort that he spearheaded and executive produced 3220 The Soundtrack, Von is dedicated to raising a $10,000 scholarship fund for Baltimore City College.

Von currently serves as the new President for the Washington D.C. Chapter of The Recording Academy® and an Alumni RAW Artist Nominee (Baltimore). He's also the co-owner of Creative Development Studios, which allows him to maximize his talents while serving corporate clients, community clients and students of the Baltimore City Public Schools system.


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