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Artist Work

Summertime in Alexandria
Photography, oil.
28"x22" framed

Artist Information

Montgomery County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

It took me years of working in my darkroom, manipulating films, chemicals, and papers, and using the new digital techniques, trying to brake the accurate and real looking representation of reality given to us by the traditional photography. At the same time, with my paintings, I was trying to get as close to the real world, as I could be. Mixing both medias have giving me the opportunity to explore a new world where fantasy and reality meet together. My photographs are poised between reality and illusion, and through them I face the same challenges that artists have been facing for centuries: not only how to get a perfect balance between color, and transparency, light and shadow, texture and delicacy, but how express a profound desire to attract and deceive the viewer.

Artist Bio

I was born in Colombia, where I grew up surrounded by my grandfather and great grandfather's photographs. They were some of the earliest photographers in South America and the Caribbean. The smell of the photographic chemicals, and the magical darkness of my family lab, marked my life forever. I studied fine art in my Country, and photography at The New England School of Photography, in Boston. I have worked as a Commercial Photographer and as a photography teacher. I recently moved to the Washington DC area, where I'm actually working on my new series of still lifes and landscapes images, mixing photography, painting, and digital art.