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Veronica Sloan

Veronica Sloan

Artist Work

Embera Boat Captain
C-41 pushed print
Digital Archival Print
Digital Archival Print
Digital Archival Print
Color reversal print

Artist Information

Montgomery County
Artistic Category

Film, Media Arts, Visual Arts

Artist Statement

With a compelling sense of the connections between what the eye sees, how the brain processes, and how an individual's perspective colors their visual experience, Veronica uses her work to ask questions, elicit emotions and demand participation with and interpretation of her work.

Artist Bio

Her father gave her a camera for her 8th birthday. The Kodak 110 wasn't the most hi-tech piece of gear she would use throughout her artistic career, but it did produce that first picture inspiring her to pursue her artistic compulsions. After studying English at the University of Arizona, she realized the written word didn't fuel the same spark that creating images did. Although narrative and language would continually inform later works, a change was needed. Veronica left for the UK to build her first photography portfolio.
Armed with a new sense of direction, she moved back to the US and began showing and selling her work. She also finished her degree at the Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. With a BA in Communications, she expanded her media expertise and created “Adventures in Television”, a media production program for youth. During this time, she also held several exhibitions and worked on several independent films locally and nationally.
In 2004, Veronica moved to the Netherlands which became a home base for traveling, photographing, modeling and doing voice-over work for Dutch independent films. She later used Washington DC and a position with the World Wildlife Fund to continue traveling widely while writing about and photographing her experiences.
In 2010, Veronica and her husband, Joshua Sloan created CannonLeighStudio to pursue multimedia and sculptural projects which have been featured in the Washington Post as well as exhibited at the Hirshhorn's Anne Marie Sculpture Garden. While creating as part of CannonLeighStudio, Veronica continues to pursue photography independently and exhibits and sells her work nationally and internationally.