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Veera Pfaffli

Veera Pfaffli


Artist Work

Lightheaded woman mixed media recycled sculpture
mixed media recycled material, driftwood, window screen
11x8" base, height approx 4ft
Henry mixed media sculpture
measuring tape, wood block, nut shell, masonry wire and acrylic paint
2x4" wood base, approx 2ft long, 1ft tall
Armadillus plasticux recycled media sculpture
2x4”wood, rusty mason wire, found plastic, E6000 glue, acrylic paint
approx 18"x12" on 2x4"piece of wood
wordplay binary code mixed media painting
newspaper, acrylic paint, glue, crackle medium, gloss medium
lust binary code mixed media work
plywood, soda can aluminum cuts, staples, acrylic paint

Artist Information

Anne Arundel County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

Artist Statement Numbers and codes, (often binary code) – creates a stepping stone for stories in my artwork. If I can invoke a memory to bring back the taste of strawberry ice cream, satisfaction of a good night’s sleep or the best scene in that western film; you will be living the story with me, through my art. Most of my artwork is born from stimulations of everyday life: where basic, boring things, like moving all of my belongings to a self-storage unit or waiting in a checkout line, may ignite my imagination for a new piece, print, painting or mixed media often using recycled items. I find it most challenging to figure out a detail, form, or color that makes the boringness become quite interesting. And when I spell out my messages using the zeros and ones of binary code or Braille-dots, another creative twist is added to the story to further engage the viewer. The ultimate goal of my art is to turn something ordinarily negative into a positive state of mind and awaken the best memories! Even if it’s literally someones trash, I will try to see and turn it into a treasure.

Artist Bio

Veera Pfaffli

I relocated to US from Finland in 2006 and have since lived in Upstate NY, PA, and settled to Maryland in 2014. Creating something has always been a part of my life, my mom being a teaching calligraphy artist, grandfather was a fine artist, and my early childhood home was in a house with a grandmother who made her living as a seamstress. Though I have drifted to visual design and worked for years within marketing branches as a graphic designer, my passion is in generating recycled sculptures and abstract art, especially embracing emotion through color. Not only thinking, but also acting green, including recycling in everyday life is the only way I can think of living; trying to take others into consideration while advocating emotional well-being. This is where my MA studies in Exhibition Design also come together; design can serve as wellness-contributing part in our lives.