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Glass mosaic
15' diameter

Artist Information

Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

I create work that is on the surface cemented and immovable. While I am drawn to solidity and permanence I aim to create a sense of fluidity and dynamism. Recognizing that under the density of what is material is a vibrancy that pulses through all matter. My work seeks to confer a sense of vitality not in the sense of capturing it but rather to embody it. My method of creating an artwork begins by outlining a section and in a space of stillness I methodically fill it in piece by piece. Using simple materials from glass to metal to ceramic I carefully cut small shapes and forms. During this process I am connected with an inner direction and deeply aware that every shape has a place. Thousands if not tens of thousands of small pieces join together each with an equally important role, like thousands of tiny cells effortlessly forming together to create substance. My current work is a synthesis of influences that have developed into a very personal visual language. Microorganisms and their ability to shift, adapt and change form inspire me. Not literally but intuitively I create images in my work that remind me of cellular organisms. And, my interpretation of these organisms is not merely visual but experienced as pulses and rhythms. It is the dynamism of these organisms that I translate in my work because they somehow represent a microcosm of my human experience.

Artist Bio

Valerie Theberge, a Washington, D.C. native, has been working as a professional artist for more than a dozen years. After graduating from the San Francisco Art Institute, where she majored in painting and drawing, Valerie moved to China to study the Chinese language and Chinese painting. She received a certificate in Chinese painting in 1992. Her art career took her to Hong Kong where she trained with a British company and specialized in the ancient art of glass and ceramic mosaics. While in Hong Kong Valerie studied Asian culture and obtained her Master’s degree from the University of Hong Kong. Valerie’s work can be viewed in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, India, Maryland, Arizona, Colorado, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. She currently works in her studio located in the historic arts district of Mount Rainier, Maryland.