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Artist Work

Before Time
80" x 149" (6 panels)
60" x 72"
The William B. Bryant Tapestry
78" x 166"
Swift Silvertails Passing
54" x 116"
Seven Fifteen
51" x 139"
Over Dancing Water
112" x 98"

Artist Information

Talbot County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

I grew up in Sweden where to this day textile art is one of the most frequent forms of artistic expression in public buildings, corporate offices, churches, health care facilities and in private homes. The rich history and tradition of textile art and design became part of my consciousness at a very early stage of my life and the Scandinavian design aesthetic remains a strong influence to this day. I create my designs in water-colors. While painting I am thinking of the weaving experience to come, the range of colors and fiber characteristics that will be needed, the intensification of colors that comes with the scale-up to large surfaces and the technical challenge of faithfully hand-weaving the intricacies of the design. I am fortunate in having a 2000 sq.ft. studio with the best light where there is space to accommodate two very big looms and also to serve as a gallery where I display tapestries which have not been woven for a commission I believe that I am drawn to tapestry weaving by the endless fascination of watching the gradual unfolding of the chrysalis that is my design, into a tapestry that will uplift the spirit and bring new life to an architectural space in a way that fulfills my client’s expectations for a work of enduring beauty and worth. From my personal point of view, weaving a tapestry draws on many parts of my being, the artist’s imagination, the weaver’s skill and the human ability to create. The tapestries are woven in the finest natural tapestry wool in the weft, carefully selected from yarn spinneries in Scandinavia and Australia. In the warp I use cotton. All the wool I use is moth- proofed. On the largest high-warp loom I can weave tapestries up to 12 ft. in one direction and more than 40 ft. in the other.

Artist Bio

DEGREE MA, Fiber Art and Design EDUCATION Handarbetets Vanners’s College of Art and Interior Design, Stockholm, Sweden, 1971 Nyckelvik’s School of Art, Stockholm, Sweden, 1967 Carl Malmsten’s School of Art, Oland, Sweden, 1965 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Established and directed the Fiber Arts Department, Lund University Course Center, Lund, Sweden, 1971-1980 Established and directed the Center for Contemporary Tapestry Weaving, Oak Ridge, TN, 1983-1985 Maintained independent studio since 1970 Owner of The Gallery By The River, Royal Oak, MD, since 2000 AWARD East Tennessee Foundation Artist Fellowship, 1989 SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2000 Keyes Gallery, Springfield, MO 1998 Gallery 621, Tallahassee, FL 1980 Little Gallery, Eslov, Sweden 1978 Museum of Blekinge, Karlskrona, Sweden 1978 Ystad Museum of Fine Art, Ystad, Sweden SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS 1999 The Bayeux Gallery, Denver, CO 1999 The American Center, Nashville, TN 1999 Acclaim Gallery, Long Grove, IL 1999 Cambridge Art Association National Prize Show, FRB Gallery, Boston, MA 1997 Liz-Beth & Co, Fine Art Gallery, Knoxville, TN 1996 Hard and Soft, Center for the Visual Arts, Denton, TX 1996 Arts American, Atlanta, GA 1996 New Vision Gallery, Marshfield, WI 1996 Fiber Now, Downey Museum of Art, Downey, CA 1994 National Tapestry Invitational Exhibition, OSU, Lima, OH 1993 Contemporary Works of Faith, The Schumacher Gallery, Columbus, OH 1992 The Garden Path, Contemporary Crafts Gallery, Portland, OR 1990 Tapestry Forum, Oregon School of Art, Portland, OR 1982 World’s Fair, Knoxville, TN 1979 Art Jubilee Exhibition, Ystad Museum of Fine Art, Ystad, Sweden 1978 Form Design Center, Malmo, Sweden 1973 Free Textiles, Lund Museum of Fine Art, Lund, Sweden 1975 Ystad Museum of Fine Art, Sweden 1972 Scania Art Society, Malmo Museum of Art, Malmo, Sweden 1972 Young Artists, Lund Museum of Art, Lund, Sweden SELECTED PUBLIC AND PRIVATE COLLECTIONS GROCO Marine Products, Kent Island, MD United States District Court of the District of Columbia, Washington, DC Cook, Inc., Bloomington, IN Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company Headquarters, Milwaukee, WI Corporate Office Properties, Columbia, MD Whilmer/HaleLaw Offices, Boston, MA (3) Pharmacia Upjon Corporation, World Headquarters, Peapack NJ. Morton, Lewis, King and Kreig Law Offices (main lobby), Knoxville, TN Scania Concrete Company, Malmo, Sweden Felix Canned Foods, Eslov, Sweden Swedish Bank of Commerce, Sweden Scandinavian Private Bank, Dalby, Sweden Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Joint Institute, Oak Ridge, TN UT College of Veterinary Medicine (main lobby), Knoxville, TN Lund University, Sweden Saint Vincent Health Center, Erie, PA Fort Sander’s Hospital (main lobby), Knoxville, TN St. Michael’s Hospital (main lobby), Texarkana, TX St. Michael’s Hospital, Texarkana, TX St. Mary’s Hospital (main lobby), Huntington, W.VA MEDIC Regional Blood Center (main lobby), Knoxville, TN Oak Ridge Methodist Hospital (main lobby), Oak Ridge, TN 3783 Ystad Hospital, Sweden St. Joseph Catholic Church, Downingtown, PA Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church, Waynesboro, VA Seacoast Community Church, Encinitas, CA. Our Lady of the Holy Souls Catholic Church (altar-piece), Little Rock, AR The Chapel, UT Hospital (altar-piece), Knoxville, TN Grace Lutheran Church (altar-piece), Oak Ridge, TN The Norwegian Seamen’s Church of Houston (altar-piece), Houston, TX The Abby, Ystad, SwedenChurch of Horby (altar-piece), Horby, Sweden Church of Aspinge (altar-piece), Aspinge, Sweden Santa Clara Church, Norrkoping, Sweden Church of Loderup, Sweden City of Malmo, Sweden City of Lund, Sweden (2) City of Ystad, Sweden City of Karlskrona, Sweden Ystad Museum of Fine Art, Sweden Malmo Art Society, Sweden Karlskrona Art Society, Sweden