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Tracy Stevens

Tracy Stevens


Artist Work

Enter Course
Oil Paint/ Spandex
24x36 Painting / Leggings S-XL
In the Red
16x20 Framed/ T-Shirt S-2XL
A Playa's Son
Them There Eyes
A Trumpet's Life
Jane and Joe Print and Leggings
Acrylic/ Sapndex
8x10/ Leggings S-XL

Artist Information

Baltimore City
Artistic Category

Media Arts, Visual Arts

Artist Statement

I love nature and all its beauty. That's why I take photos and combine them graphically. I try to express what I see through painting. Art lets you do all of the above and allow people to see the world through my eyes. I believe you can take others on a voyage just by taking a photo and making it yours either by painting or graphically altering it. Art is giving yourself; opening up to others, creating something beautiful that will last throughout the years, leaving a legacy. Not being afraid to let people see you, I mean really see you. My art is expression. An expression of how I feel, who I am, and who’s a part of me. My art work is my world and I invite everyone to step into it.

Artist Bio

Tracy is a graduate of Maryland Institute College of Art -Continuing Studies and a Baltimore native. She believes through art, we can change the culture and bring a positive viewpoint to people of all ages. Tracy is a teaching artist, graphic artist, and fine artist that uses colors, content, and beauty to make change for the better. Her artwork and teaching spreads positivity, creativity, and inspiration. 

Professional Experience:


  • Macy's Westminster Mall California 2019
  • Ronald McDonald House 2019
  • Salem Tobacco Products 2000
  • Maryland Art Place Out Of Order 2001, 2002, 2005, and 2012 (2 pieces sold)
  • Showcase at the American Museum in Prince George’s County
  • Unsung Art showcase with Larry Poncho
  • Showcase at the Arena Players 2012 – 2015
  • Showcase at New Beginnings Unisex Barbershop and Art Gallery
  • Social Media Promotion from New Day Campaign
  • Showcase at Nubohemia Café
  • 2 paintings featured in a South African Sitcom
  • Illustrations for 2 children’s books
  • Book Cover design for A Palm Tree Story Journey
  • Illustrations for Sista Worth Greeting Cards


  • Graphic Artist Supervisor, Baltimore City Department of Public Works
  • Cover Art for POJI Recordings
  • Flyer for Maryland State Art Council
  • Websites for Concepts By Cash, BDX443, Dukes Culinary Services Inc., and Quantize Recordings
  • Cover Art for Higher House
  • Flyer for various parties in the DMV Area
  • Wedding Stationary
  • Social Media
  • Program, PowerPoint, and Back page ad for the UC Star Awards
  • Online flyers for WMSK Online Radio
  • Flyers for a Hair Salon and Cosmetic line
  • Logos for JT Soundz, The Flower Garden, Axiom Global, SlingShots Pro, A Sista’s Circle Empowerment Network LLC, No Requests Please Entertainment and various others
  • Various projects for First Mount Olive Freewill Baptist Church