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Teresa Stepp

Teresa Stepp


Artist Information

Harford County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

As a polymer clay mixed media artist, I aspire to create unique handcrafted designs from polymer clay incorporating repurposed and vintage items such as glassware and wooden boxes into my designs. Through sculpting and embellishing, I create colorful and intricate patterns in my own abstract style and designs. Using various techniques such as caning, conditioning and blending, I manipulate the clay hand shaping each piece. I adorn my creations with an array of mosaics such as glass beads, gemstones, charms and other interesting trinkets to create a distinctly eye catching piece of art. I use an abundance of finishes such as colorful specialty powders, wax rubs, gilding paste, inks, paints and glazes to add pop... then fire to cure. I've been an artist for life having found my true passion using polymer clay as a mixed media in October 2014. Each one of my pieces has its own significant backstory. I often feel like a story teller shaping the clay to capture a viewer’s imagination

Artist Bio

Born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1967 my mothere was a visual artist and my father a musician